Book Review: The Devil


Step back into the shadowy realm of The Tarot Club where Magick is tangible and Demons step out of the shadows regularly. Once more the Club finds itself at the helm of a war, only this time Marie has unintentionally roped in a Demon born of Lust as their ally. Watch the entire Club descend upon Marie’s small French village as they hunt for both truth and balance.


I hated that I was attracted to him - hated that the more time I was with him, the more I seemed to crave him. It was as if my very essence was in harmony with his, my heart keening in my chest each time he left the room as if I were some frail animal that had been abandoned.

But most of all, I hated that he was the one who had saved me - the one who had spirited me away.

And even as I hated all of those things, I couldn’t help but find solace in the hidden cottage I now found myself in. It was what fairtytales were made of, only this time I would revel in the role of wicked Witch that I had somehow been cast into.


I had two lungs like any other creature in this realm, one was perpetually filled with rage, the other with desire. With each inhale and exhale it was a push and pull between the two. At least that is what I was accustomed to, but from the moment I found her there - held at their mercy, I felt nothing but rage. I didn’t want to tug on their strings of desire, making them dance to the beat of their own moans like the true marionette I was. No, I wanted blood. I wanted vengeance. I wanted to bring them forward as an offering to her.

My Review

Each book in this series just gets better and better. The bond Marie and Cortland share just got cemented strong than ever. I don't know which side of Cort I liked better his human side or demon side. Oh, who am I kidding (demon). Especially where the one particular scene is involved. Yes, you know the one I am talking about. Two is better than one.

Marie has really come far from when we were first introduced to her in this series. She has become a very strong witch. This book renewed my love for Marie and Cort. There are so many sexy scenes. I could not get enough of them. Erin, you blew me away with this book. Another great read from you. The Devil is a scorching, five star, must read!


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