Moving Beyond Trauma

Moving Beyond Trauma will introduce you to Somatic Experiencing, a body-based therapy capable of healing the damage done to your nervous system by trauma. Smith breaks down the ways in which trauma impacts your nervous system and walks you through a program designed to process trauma in a non-threatening way. 

Through her extensive studies in physiology and nervous system regulation, Smith has developed techniques and methods to safely bring clients from trauma states back into a new and empowered body. You will discover a healing lifestyle marked by a deeper connection with yourself, those around you, and with everything you do.

Smith believes that a world with less trauma is a world with more connection. It is a world in which each interaction is more meaningful and vital.

My Review

I found this to be a very thoughtful, informative, and useful book.

The way Ilene broke down the different types of trauma was interesting. There are some surveys aka quizzes in this book that help someone get a base of their trauma and than how to approach it.

Ilene helps guide the readers into identifying their trauma and then how to approach it. The first step is acknowledging your trauma. This means even the enduring the pain. Once, you embrace the pain then you can start to go down the path to recovery.

This book is not a one fits all. Which I like as every person is different. Yet, if anything people can take away from reading this book that you will have bad days but there will be more good ones along the way.

Ilene Smith
 is a certified professional coach and Somatic Experiencing practitioner who is passionate about helping others explore life with curiosity and exuberance. Her research into Somatic Experiencing and eating disorders has contributed to the importance of Somatic Experiencing and body-based therapies in recovery. Ilene has also worked extensively with patients suffering from addiction. With master's degrees in exercise physiology and mental health counseling, Ilene blends talking, touch work, and movement to create synergy between a client's body and mind. In addition to her private practice, Ilene has developed a series of trauma healing workshops and lectures, which she hosts worldwide. Ilene lives in Arizona.


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