Theme Music


My Review

I was drawn to this book due to the premise and a few of my reader friends had recommended it. I picked up this book a while ago. It actually took my two and a half times before I finished it. The first time I was not feeling the book. The second time was better but slow going. I walked away for a while and recently came back to the book.

This time around it was a much better experience. Although, I will admit that it was not until about the midway point where this story really found the groove for me. It did have the elements of being haunting. Dixie's story had my attention. The things that were happening to her within the house made for good reading. Plus, the ending was really good. I do look forward to reading more books form this author. Theme Music played a spell bounding tune of chills, a intriguing female lead, and a well written storyline.

Request a copy until December 31, 2019 on Netgalley.


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