The Sea of Japan

Synopsis:  Follow Lindsey in her journey for love, survival, and friendship in a small fishing town in Japan.  

When thirty-year-old Lindsey, an English teacher in Japan who’s been assigned to a tiny fishing town, is saved from drowning by a local young fisherman, she’s drawn into a battle with a neighboring town that has high stakes for everyone—especially her.

As their efforts to save their town backfire, Hime gets closer to falling
apart—putting Lindsey’s friends, her budding relationship with Ichiro, and her career in jeopardy. To save Hime, Lindsey realizes she’ll have to become a true American fisherwoman and fight for her new home with everything she has. 

My Review

I read this book in one afternoon. It was that great. Mr. Nagano weaves a lovely poetic story filed with endearing characters. This is a book that readers don't want to miss out on. The Sea of Japan is a hidden gem!

Lindsey and Ichiro were so lovely together. There was more to them than just a "romance". It was like they were soul mates that became one. What I loved the most was Lindsey becoming a fisherwoman. Ichiro was a good teacher. Yet, there are some things that can't be taught like the "heart of the sea". It was during the fishing competition that Lindsey learned this lesson.

Everyone that I met in this book were just as good. They were not just chess pieces in a story or fillers but just as important to the story as Lindsey and Ichiro. This is a recommended read.


Love, survival, conflict…Lindsey runs wild in the Sea of Japan. When her loved ones are attacked, her American spirit stands tall. When her friends are in danger, her Japanese fans get united. The Hollywood-like climax where Lindsey competes in a fishing duel will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat.
—Tetsu Fujimura, Executive producer of Ghost in the Shell (Starring Scarlett Johansson)
Keita Nagano has created a fascinating tale blending the best of two literary worlds, the American and the Japanese. It is a story of friendship, transformation, and journey for the meaning of life. What's really marvelous about this novel is the unique style with its apparent simplicity and deep meaning. A true Japanese delight.
—Elvira Baryakina, author of Russian Treasures series
Win or lose. Sports are loved by Americans because they're tough and challenging, just like this story. At the climax of the book, the readers are on Lindsey’s fishing competition boat with her, watching her struggle to save the people she loves and get justice for her adopted town. Imagine you are standing on the 10-meter high diving board. The tension is just that, on the beautiful Sea of Japan.
—Thomas Gompf, 1964 Tokyo Olympic Medalist & Former President of United States Aquatic Sports.

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Keita Nagano is an award-winning Japanese author who has lived almost equally in Nevada and Tokyo—more than twenty years in each place—and reflects the difference of the two cultures in his novels. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Keio University in Japan, as well as an MBA in global business and Ph.D. in management from Walden University in Minnesota. The pursuit of the authentic American experience is his hobby: he has been to all fifty states, all thirty major league ballparks, and the top sixty big cities in America. He has published seventeen business nonfiction and eight fiction books in Japan. In 2013, he received a Nikkei (Japanese Wall Street Journal) Award for Contemporary Novel for his missing-child thriller, Kamikakushi. He is also an official weekly columnist for Forbes Japan. Nagano lives in Henderson, Nevada, with his wife and Welsh corgi, and their teenage daughter is currently studying in Tennessee.


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