Would Like to Meet

While sharing a bottle of wine with her flatmate after yet another bad date, Sophia advertises for her perfect man online. He must have a multi-million pound business, the face of Robert Pattinson and the body of Daniel Craig. He must have a fluffy cat and a massive penis. The profile is just a bit of fun, but what happens when a man who meets pretty much all the criteria actually replies? Has Sophia finally met her perfect man, or is he not quite as perfect as he seems? As she uncovers some dark and disturbing secrets, Sophia’s dream man turns out to be her worst nightmare.

A contemporary women's fiction novel set in London, Would Like To Meet.., explores the weird and wonderful world of online dating.

My Review

This is a fun, witty read. If you have tried online dating than you can relate to the perils of trying to find the "perfect" someone in your life. There was a phase early on in my life where I did not do the online dating but I was into the online chat rooms. Kind of the same concept. There was a lot of creepers you had to watch out for. Although, I have to say times are worse now than back then.

Sophia's online dating profile did put a smile on my face. The responses she got from it along with the online profile names were funny. Although, not so much a fan of R-Paz but Daniel Craig is a nice choice. Yet, I did wish that Sophia had smarted up and listened to her instinct and friends more when it came to Daniel. He did seem a little too "perfect". Also, I thought that Sophia came off mean when she did not react more towards her flatmate, Kate's great news. The ending I did not see coming. This is a wonderful first novel from author, Zoe Efstathiou. I look forward to seeing her other work in the future.

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