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Regina Shen:  Defiance (Book 3)

On the run, outcast Regina Shen is determined to stop the Federation’s relentless attacks on her family and friends, but the stakes are much higher now and she is deep in foreign and hostile territory.

The Federation condemned Regina to live on the seaward side of barrier walls, but she crossed into the Federation where she continues to survive by her wits. Competing Federation agents vie to capture her and use her to acquire power, based on her genome being the key to prevent human extinction. When her sister is kidnapped again and agents close in, Regina flees west with a friend across deserts created by abrupt climate change.

Raised on swampy islands and underwater salvage, they must adapt to different harsh environments. Guided by her photographic (eidetic) memory of illegal print books from before the Federation, Regina is determined to defy the Federation and find a treasure big enough to barter for freedom for her and her sister. In the cat-and-mouse game, can she find allies and ways to escape the Federation dragnet long enough to discover something to trade?

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My Review
The further I get into this story the more I grow connected with the character and the storyline. Regina continues to amaze me with her strength. She is a true leader. I appreciate the relationship between Ester and Regina, even if it is really one-sided. I do agree with another reader on the fact that I found Ester at times to be more of a hinder than help. Yet I could see why Regina let Ester come along as in a way she was watching over her and protecting her like a sister as she couldn't do that for her own sister, Colleen. Chief Inspector Demarco is quite the wild card. She had her own agenda that only she really knew about. I am glad I was not the one she was hunting after. Although I had all the faith in Regina. She has come out on top before and I am sure she will again. The addition of the new characters was nice. Than there is the reappearance of Regina's mother. The events that has lead her back into Regina's life adds intrigue to the whole storyline. Plus the new terrain was refreshing as well. I can't wait to read the next book.
Author's Bio:
He was raised by a roaming aerospace engineer, growing up in various parts of the United States and Europe, as well as traveling through Asia. He took to stories as his anchor, including the works of Asimov, Bradbury, and Heinlein, and has been writing since age eleven.

Growing up, he was inspired by his father’s engineering work on cutting-edge aerospace projects to look to the future.

In an ideal world, Lance would find time loops where he could step out for a week at a time to read and write. Then he would return to the moment he left, without life getting in the way. Of course, since everyone would have the same ability, he suspects life would still sneak in.

Lance is also the author of short stories and novelettes.

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