I Let You Go

About the book:
A rainy day. The deafening squeal of brakes.  By the side of the road, a boy, dead from a hit-and-run.  A mother bereaved.  Jenna flees—her life, her trauma, and her grief—catching a bus to Wales where she starts a solitary life in a seaside village.There, she keeps to herself in a ramshackle cottage, working to heal and hesitantly befriending the neighborly townspeople.  Slowly she starts to cope with her grief and—inspired by the sand and waves—begins to explore the art she gave up with her past life, even beginning to consider a better future.
But then the shocking twist comes, and the reader no longer knows what to believe.  A sensational front-page trial becomes the centerpiece of the second half, and a menacing new character emerges.

My Review

From the beginning when the tragic accident happens and Ms. Jordan's life is turned upside down with the loss of Jacob to the end, I was hooked for the whole ride. I know that some people do not like first person narration but in this case, it worked. In fact, it helped add to the story as a whole. It made me feel the emotions that Jenna experienced with the results of the accident. The first part of this book was good but then it really got "real" with the second and third half of the book.
I can't believe that I am going to say this but I really did enjoy the romantic aspect between Kate and Ray. It brought them closer and made them work well as a team. Which Kate's passion for the case and justice is what helped Ray to fight as hard as he did. His expertise was great as well. I will be checking out more books by this author to read.


Marce said…
Your review is the 3rd of seen just TODAY. This one is on my TBR list, sounds good.

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