The Girl From Home

Jonathan Caine is a true master of the universe—a currency wizard with a trophy wife, a penthouse condo with a view of the Statue of Liberty, and the desire for more—when his world comes crashing down, spiraling him into a relentless fall from grace. Devastated, Jonathan returns to his hometown to care for his ailing father and attend his twenty-fifth high school reunion, where he becomes reacquainted with former prom queen Jacqueline Williams. Back in the day, Jackie didn’t even know Jonathan existed. Now she is intrigued by the man he has become. But their budding relationship has problems, not the least of which is Jackie’s jealous and abusive husband. Jonathan is determined to learn from his mistakes, but is he capable of complete transformation? Or will a shocking temptation test his desire for redemption beyond anything he could have imagined?

My Review

When I read my first book by Mr. Mitzner I liked it and thought this is an author I need to keep an eye on as I want to read more by him. The next 2 books I read I did enjoy. Yet this time is the first time that I really could not get into the story or the characters. I read the first 16 chapters but there was nothing endearing about Jonathan or his situation. His clients were whiny and I felt indifferent to them. In addition, Jonathan and Jackie could have been any couple coming together. Sadly, I felt no need to read anymore of this book. I know Mr. Mitzner can do better so I am hoping that this was a one off time and that the next book will be back up to par showcasing what I know Mr. Mitzner can do.


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