Impure Blood

In the heat of a French summer, Captain Paul Darac of the Nice Brigade Criminelle is called to a highly sensitive crime scene. A man has been found murdered in the midst of a Muslim prayer group, but no one saw how it was done. Then the organisers of the Nice leg of the Tour de France receive an unlikely terrorist threat. In what becomes a frantic race against time, Darac must try and unpick a complex knot in which racial hatred, sex and revenge are tightly intertwined.

My Review

This author is new to me. The story started out fine, yet I had trouble engaging myself in the story as it kept progressing. The murder itself was not interest. In fact, I kind of missed it the first time and had to re-read it again. Which again that was the theme for me for most of the first third of the story. I found myself more re-reading or even reading for a third time sections again. Captain Darac was interesting and lent a nice voice to the story. After a while I could not stick with this book anymore. While I was not a fan of the story itself or found the characters engaging, I did like the location and the feel of the overall story. Therefore, I would give this author another try in the future.


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