Glass Shatters

A man wakes up in a living room he doesn t recognize, unable to remember anything about himself. All he has are the few remnants of his identity scattered throughout the house clues to his past. He soon learns that he is Charles Lang, a brilliant scientist whose wife, Julie, and daughter, Jess, mysteriously disappeared several years ago. Soon, he begins to recover memories memories that may or may not be his own and as he does, he realizes that only by uncovering the details of his former life will he have any hope of being reunited with Julie and Jess. A haunting tale of love and longing, fate and free will, and the easily blurred lines between fiction and reality, Glass Shatters explores the risks of trying to reinvent oneself, and the dangers of pushing science to its limits."
My Review

At first this book did not seem to be my cup of tea, yet there were fragments of thins that I read that intrigued me. Just like Charles' memories. Also, Iris and Ava, Charles's neighbors. It was nice that Charles had an adult friend in Iris and the child like innocents of Ava. However the more I read the more I started to become invested in Charles' life. Even though I did not know Julie and his daughter, Jess before their disappearance in his life, as I read and became familiar with them I felt the love that Charles had for them both and their love for him.

In the beginning the back and forward switching from past to present to past past too a little getting used to the flow and I was not as interested in the past as I was the present, yet I found my groove and every time I read more about the past it was like finding another piece of the puzzle. The end result was a good one although it might have been a little bit of a slow journey. I would read another book by this author.


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