Two Dogs and a Parrot

Joan Chittister, one of our leading inspirational writers, invites us to embrace and celebrate the deep bond between humans and animals. 'Two Dogs and a Parrot' offers both heart-warming stories and thought-provoking reflections about sharing life with an animal companion. The relationships we form with animals—with dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, and other pets—are full of joys and rewards. Our companion animals draw us out of ourselves and show us what it truly means to be alive. They teach us to accept life’s struggles and to cherish its pleasures and the importance of being able to accept ourselves and respect others. They help us to find purpose and meaning in what we do, and to overcome challenges and setbacks. In our treasured animals we observe varying degrees of excitement and play, of love and fear. And we realize their beautiful uniqueness, their sensitivities and strong sense of purpose.

 Whether we have an animal companion, long to have a pet or love someone who does, or cherish animals and nature, 'Two Dogs and a Parrot' will speak to us all. It illuminates the significance of sharing our lives with a pet and celebrates the great gift of animals in our world.  

My Review
I am a dog lover. While I have owned cats before and there have been some cool ones, I am more fond of dogs. My first dog was a yellow lab that was my protector and play friend when I was a little girl. Her name was Honey. Then there was Pepper, Nuke, Patriot, Harley, and now Keech, Kong, and Oreo (all pitbulls). Which I did not want any pitbulls to begin with but we ended up with Keech after my husband's youngest brother's death. Yet, now that I own three pitbulls, they do get a bad rap. It is not the dog but the owner that makes them bad. All three of my dogs are lovers. Plus my husband and I have joked that they would probably watch and lick any robbers who came into our house.

So back to this book. I have always believed and treated my dogs like they were human and we could share a nonverbal communication. Even now I find myself talking to my dogs like they are my kids and they understand me. SO I can relate to the different emotions that the author spoke about in this book with Danny and Duffy. Then there is Lady, a parrot. While I have never owned a parrot my Nana used to own a cockatoo. My sister and I would have so much fun playing with the cockatoo. I found this book to be an enjoyable treasure of a read.


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