New Pony Day

Title: New Pony Day!
Author: Jen K. Blom
Publisher: Jen K. Blom
Pages: 28
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Today’s the day Josie gets her new pony – if she can find him, that is! Her cat Pasta’s along for the ride, too, but there’s no telling if he’ll help or not – he’s a cat!
With a healthy dose of real pony behavior and a slyly rhythmical bent on the story, the PONY101 series is for kids (and adults!) who love ponies and everything to do with them. Learn more at

The FIRST BOOK in Pony101, NEW PONY DAY!, is now available for pre-order!

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My Review

I have always been a horse fan. This is such a cute book. I love Josie, her cat, Pasta and of course, Floki. The perfect pony that Josie finds to join her and Pasta on all of her adventures.

All of the illustrations in this book were great. They were very vivid and colorful. They helped portray the story of Josie and her mission to find the perfect pony. Also, I liked that the author kept the wording short and simple for quick, easy reading. So younger readers can read this book on their own with no difficulties.

Book Excerpt:
My name is Josie and I'm happy as I can be.

My kitty Pasta and I have a job just our size, you see.

Today’s the day I choose my pony.
All mine. Only for me me ME!
I’ll know him when I see him!

I KNOW I will. Only…

About the Author

Jen K Blom is an international award-winning author living in Berlin, Germany with her daughter, husband and hairless cat Yoda. Visit to get all sorts of great updates and activity sheets featuring Josie, Floki and Pasta!


Her latest book is the children’s picture book, New Pony Day!

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