Made to Kill

Raymond Chandler’s detective fiction meets Lawrence Block’s Keller novels . . . with robots

In an alternate version of 1960s Los Angeles, the world’s only robot detective has been turned into a hit man by his corrupted master computer.

Ray is good at the job, too—not only does nobody suspect the world’s last robot is a hit man, his fame allows the Electromatic Detective Agency to continue as the perfect front, and with a twenty-four-hour memory limit, he sure can keep a secret.

When a woman arrives at the agency wanting to hire Ray to investigate the brutal murder of a priest, his attempts to dissuade her are overruled when she produces a lucrative advance payment. Profit is profit, and Ray accepts the job, even though the woman demands total anonymity. She tells them not to try to reach her—she’ll call when the time is right—and she vanishes into the city.

Ray’s investigation leads him into a dark world of Hollywood intrigue, where the glamorous jet set societies are under the spell of a mysterious bandage-swathed man. The man and his champagne-sipping circle of followers conduct Satanic rituals behind Hollywood’s razzle-dazzle façade—rituals that lead to . . . murder!

Hardcover, 240 pages
Expected publication: November 3rd 2015 by Tor Books

My Review
I liked this book. The concept of it and Raymond. Raymond may have some human like aspects about him but it is his quirky robotic mannerisms that really make him fun, personable, unique, and Raymond. Oh and I can't forget Ada. She is the perfect girl Friday. Together they make a good working match. So why do you say then did I only give this book four stars? Well it is because of the rest of the story itself. If this book had just been about Raymond then my rating might have been different but the story itself while it had the glitch and glam of old Hollywood was "safe". There was not a lot of action and what little I did experience did not jump off the pages in my face. Plus, the characters were a tad boring. So I can remember the beginning some of the middle and then the ending. Yet, I did enjoy reading this book enough to check out the next one.


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