Obsession Falls

In Obsession Falls, New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd returns to the town of Virtue Falls, Washington-an idyllic place on the surface, but one that holds close its secrets...

When Taylor Summers witnesses the death threat to a young boy, she does the only thing she can do-she sacrifices herself to distract the killers. Her reward is a life in ruins, on the run in the wilderness, barely surviving a bitter winter and the even more bitter knowledge she has lost everything: her career, her reputation, her identity. She finds refuge in Virtue Falls, and there comes face to face with the knowledge that, to live her life again, she must enlist the help of the man who does not trust her to defeat the man who would destroy her.

She's being hunted, but it's time to turn the tables....

My Review

Good thing that these books can be read as stand alone novels because if you missed reading any in this series you can go back and read them now.

I did like this book. However it was one that I had to slowly build up to. The beginning of the story started out good with plenty of action  but than it stayed steady with lots of talking. There was no build up to the danger that Taylor was running from. The romance between Taylor and Kennedy was also slow (almost too slow). Yet the last half of the story made up for the first half of the story. There was plenty of action and romance. In addition, to the fact that Taylor proved to be a tough, female woman.

The chemistry between Taylor and Kennedy was real. So when they would have a make out scene, it was hot but genuine. The ending was a bit of a twist.

To listen to the first chapter of this book. Click this link


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