A Wanted Man

A renegade cop seeks justice…

After his daughter’s brutal murder, former NYPD detective Kadin Tandy opens Wyoming’s Dark Alley Investigations to bring violent criminals to justice. Romance is the last thing on the sexy PI’s troubled mind. That is, until feisty ad exec Penny Darden asks for his help. Now he’s investigating her estranged boyfriend’s frightening link to a murder. And despite her relationship status, Penny’s fierce independence and frank flirtation revive Kadin’s damaged heart. But as an untraceable killer closes in on them, they rely more on each other as the stakes become more harrowing. Not only are their lives at risk, but also their best shot at love…

My Review

I can't really tell you why I had problems getting into this book but I did. This book had everything that I want in a romantic suspense story...a sexy, strong hero, a feisty heroine, and chemistry. What was lacking for me was the plot. I found nothing intriguing about it. In fact so much that I got about half way into the book but if you asked me what happened in that first half of the book I could not tell you a single detail. Thus if you strip away the plot and just leave Kadin and Penny then you have a fun, comedic read. However I was expecting and hoping to read a romantic suspense story. A high note is that the ending was nice.


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