Maximum Interval Training

Are you ready to challenge yourself, and turn up the intensity of your workouts? Are you ready for a proven program that burns fat, increases muscle, and sculpts the physique you’ve always wanted? If so, then Maximum Interval Training is for you!
Maximum Interval Training combines high-intensity exercises and nontraditional equipment with a variety of modalities and training options to stimulate muscle growth, avoid plateaus, and produce results.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions, expert advice, and photo depictions of 147 exercises as well as ready-to-use programs for power, strength, endurance, quickness, agility, tactical training, and total-body conditioning. But rest assured that it won’t be more of the same. You’ll test your limits with a regimen of sprints, medicine balls, heavy ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, body-weight exercises, and suspension training.

Train with maximum intensity for maximum results!

My Review
This is a very well written book. If you are looking to do more interval training or just starting out, then this book is very useful. I found this book very helpful and easy to follow. I have been doing interval training for a while but I am always on the hunt to find more ways to take my exercise to the next level. There are lots and lots of exercises featured in this book. So you are getting your money's worth. Don't worry if you are just beginning with interval training as this book will take you step by step with pictures on how to do the exercise (correctly). There is even a work out guide to follow so that after you have mastered the novice moves you can keep progressing with the advanced moves. You will refer to this book over and over again until you have become a master and then you might want to consider gifting it to a friend or purchase them a copy.


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