Loking for Potholes

To be honest when I read that the author was a LGBTQ rights activist, I was really re-thinking wanting to check this book of poems out. This is because while my views differ from these life styles, I don't push my views off on others. So being an activist I know that they are strong voices and so was not sure that I wanted to read a book of poems that would force these briefs on me.

This book turned out to be a nice surprise. The poems were not heavy handed in LGBTQ subjects. In fact, there is a poem for everyone to be found in this book. What I most liked about the poems is that Mr. Wenke came out swinging. He did not hide anything and was truthful. Which I have always thought that poems were a form of expression, so there should be no filter.

Warning: Some of the poems can be blunt so if you get easily offensive you may not like those poems.   


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