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A magical mystery tour of virtual reality and beyond. Love, politics, conspiracy, and fluctuating space-time coordinates all come to a head when a huge solar flare disrupts the event horizon between parallel universes. Living in simulated reality, SIM, is all the rage in the mid twenty-first century. But just when it seems that illusion has triumphed and Reality has become irrelevant, Reality throws a curve ball. Audrey is a SIMdesigner and an artPrank hacktivist.

When her friend Dano disappears, Audrey is forced into the gritty world of Real to find him. People disappear all the time in this dystopian near future, but then there are Type III disappearances.

The young Milan also vanishes, this time right before Audrey’s eyes, and the quest for the disappeared takes a whole new turn as Audrey finds herself unwillingly thrust on a bizarre existential odyssey. Meanwhile, Milan wakes floating in midair before the floor suddenly comes up and crashes hard into him. He looks around and at first the room does nothing. Then it wakes up. Myllan is on the Other Side, a place where people meet in Astral, not SIM, where luminescent mushrooms grow in the snow, and the weather knows what you are thinking. Real? SIM? Or hallucination? Nothing is what it seems.
Excerpt from: Chapter 27

The noLine Gravity is a convention in SIM. Otherwise you’d puke. Distance? That’s optional. High-voltage energy escalated as avatars shifted from one group of friends at the noLine to another.

 Sometimes instantly. Warp speed was the preferred method of transference, but way overplayed. The black Madonna, the one with the stars of the cosmos shimmering in her bare breasts, wore the music of the spheres like a halo. She rose like darkness and cast her shadow as she traveled. Way fuKool. With an avatar like that you could get past the bouncers. Holding a ticket wasn’t enough.

You couldn’t just buy your way into this phantasmagorical fabFreak Switch hauteMode mecca. You had to be inducted.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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