The Ghosts of Petroglyph Canyon

School is out for the summer and Pablo Perez, his sister, Pia, and their cousin, Kiki Flores, visit the Bar-7 ranch in New Mexico. The young Missourians have come to help their Uncle Antonio with the annual cattle roundup. 

 Uncle Antonio introduces his nephew and nieces to hundreds of primitive petroglyphs that have been chiseled into the walls of a nearby canyon—Petroglyph Canyon. The primitive rock drawings are part of Uncle Antonio’s sprawling cattle ranch. Sadly, looters are routinely excavating the ancient drawings with high-tech rock saws. Uncle Antonio believes the looters are selling the glyphs.
Pablo, Pia, and Kiki are determined to put a stop to the looting, and that’s when the adventure begins.

My Review

This is the second younger reader book from Mr. Cloud. His first book was The Boy Called Duct Tape. That is when I first got to know Pablo, Pia, and Kiki. Since then I wanted to read the next book from this author. Mr. Cloud is not a one trick pony. Pablo, Pia and Kiki make a great team. They have each others backs and are pretty tough for youngsters. 

For example when faced with some tough guys, these three stood their ground and even tried to stop them before the authorities did. What I also liked about this book is the petroglyphs and the landscape of New Mexico. It was like I was there and could feel the heat from the desert and see the petroglyphs. Young readers will be interested in the petroglyphs. This is good as they are an important part of history. I can not wait to read the next book from Mr. Cloud.  


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