Specific Impluse

Review by Nancy

When your first introduction to someone is being tackled you in the middle of a meteor crater, it may give you pause. Or, if you happen to be Dr. Carin Gonzales; you turn around and whack them upside the head before asking “why?” Jake Sabio heard the fragment of space before it was visible and felt the need to ground everyone around him.

Something in the fragment changed them all. No one but Jake and Carin would handle the change and they were dying as well, only slower. They just may die of “lead poisoning” before the new disease kills them as they are now being hunted by the CIA, and a very elusive killer named Crowbar.

Backstories have Jake’s children and ex-wife killed by Crowbar as a way to take out her new husband in his “master plan” to control the CIA and all of its various parts. Carin has worked with MI (Mechanical Intelligence) and has reconstructed a robot named Fred who is much more advanced that R2-D2 (and smaller). Jake has justice on his side and Carin has her stubbornness and Fred on hers.

Jake and Carin are dying and Fred is busy chatting inter-space with his new friend named MATR. The humans on the ground have named MATR Morrigan and think it’s a spaceship. Got it in one! Jake and Carin need to rendezvous with MATR ASAP or they will die a very painful death. Crowbar and gang, plus the CIA are determined not to let that meeting happen.

Hang on to your seats while reading this book! It has action from page one and well done action at that! Mr. Justiz has done a great job of researching his characters and Fred is just one great little robot. A great Christmas gift for yourself or your favorite Sci-Fi fan.


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