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What do you want to know today? How about “Six Works of Literature That Were Really Hard to Write?” or “Moons of the non-Gluteal Variety”. This book can tell you all that and so much more! In a really funny compilation of various subjects the folks at Mental_Floss tell us of things odd and odder but all interesting.

The introduction in itself is worth a chuckle or two and the following chapters make this a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list you haven’t shopped for yet. After all, where else can you find out about Bumpy, Hickey, Chesty and Seven Other Rejected Dwarf Names? If not for someone else, treat yourself, you’ll enjoy it thoroughly

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This quiz is inspired by mental_floss: The Book: The Greatest Lists in the History of Listory, available now wherever books are sold. For 10 years, the knowledge-seekers at mental_floss Magazine have been hunting and trapping the world’s rarest facts, locking them into captivating lists for the world to admire. Thanks to their tireless efforts, mental_floss: The Book is packed with a decade’s worth of the smartest, quirkiest stories around, including these bookish lists below:

· Six Works of Literature That Were Really Hard to Write

· What 10 Fictional Characters Were Almost Called

· What Eight Classic Books Were Almost Called

· Eight Latin Phrases You Pretend to Understand

· Six Words Invented by Authors

· The Little-Known Stories of Five Famous Authors

· Five Famous Phrases People Own

· The Nautical Roots of Six Common Phrases

· Nine Things Mark Twain Didn’t Say (And Nine He Did)

· 10 “Q” Words That Aren’t “Q-U” Words

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