Cold River. This is a definite “read by the fire” kind of tale

Review by Nancy

In an aptly named book, Liz Adair addresses why we shouldn’t go by first impressions and how, in a small town in the Pacific Northwest called Limestone things aren’t nearly as odd as they seem.

Except for some of them. Mandy Steenburg, well-educated young administrator has been hired by the town of Limestone to manage their School District. A new adventure, well-timed for her departure from a married man who won’t take no as an answer and the opportunity to get out of Albuquerque. She expects Limestone kids (and parents) to be typical small town kids and they are, to a point.

Her first welcome isn’t. Glares, sneers, small whispered conversations and a total lack of respect greet her. They all want the “old administrator”, Grange, who is now the Assistant to Mandy, back in the saddle and aren’t afraid to let her know that. She tries her best but it isn’t good enough.

Then things start happening. She rents a beautiful cabin from the manager of the town “C” store and immediately paybacks start. A box of stink bugs. A small fire set on her deck. Poison. Maybe she should just give it up and go and let them have what they want – Grange’s return.

You will warm to the many-faceted characters in this story and be surprised when the end comes, believe me! This is a definite “read by the fire” kind of tale for a snowy day and night. Enjoy!

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Liz Adair said…
Thanks, Nancy, for your review of Cold River. You bloggers do a great service to readers and writers alike. I like your style. Are you, perhaps, a writer?

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