The Mistress's Revenge

Sally and Clive had an affair for five years. Sally can remember the night that Clive told her that the affair was over. She had arrived at the restaurant for dinner and she had barely one arm out of her sleeve when Clive informed her that he was giving his wife another chance. Things just go from bad to worse Sally writes Clive and than she becomes friends on facebook with Clive’s wife and daughter. As if that was not bad enough, Sally even goes to the coffee shop that Clive’s son works at. Soon, Sally is having lunch with Clive’s wife and daughter. She even learns that Clive’s daughter is expecting her first child. How do you stop someone, who is bent on destroying you?

This book is told in the first person by Sally. She tells everything as if she was writing journal entries and explaining why she does the things she does. While I found this book to be creepy in a good way, I didn’t like Clive anyways and thus did not care what Sally did to him or his family. His wife was self centered and deserved Clive. I could kind of understand why Sally felt the way she did and her actions. Five years to be seeing someone, only to have them drop you would be heart breaking. Though, I saw nothing in Clive that made him appealing for Sally to keep stalking his family and him. The Mistress’s Revenge is the first book from author, Tamar Cohen. I did find this book to be the best revenge that could have ever happened to a nicer guy. Be careful what you sow!


Mystica said…
Though Clive is the main culprit here, Sally cannot go free of blame. She did know he was married right from the start.
Cheryl said…
Mystica- you are right
I couldn't agree more!
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