Agata “Aggie” Borkowski loves her grandpa, Bernie. He teaches her so many interesting things. One of the things that Aggie’s grandfather teaches her is that heroes do not just live in comic books. Aggie’s grandfather tells a story of how he once met Superman back when he was in the military. This was back in 1951. He was stuck in the middle of a field mine. He didn’t think that he would make it out alive. Suddenly, he heard a voice and there was Superman. He helped lead Aggie’s grandfather to safety.

Aggie shares with Glenda, a classmate that her dream is to be the leader of a nine group team of heroes that fight for good. Aggie drew her inspiration from the X-men, other comics, and her grandpa’s story of meeting Superman. Aggie’ names her group…Aggie’s Nine Heroes. Some of the things that the heroes will do is stop kids from being bullied, rescue lost animals, etc.

This book is broken into several different books. In Book One: The Ten Year old with a plan, readers meet Aggie as a little girl. They learn her love for comics and how she formed her Nine Heroes. In the next several books, Aggie grows a bit older in each book and has to deal with high school, dating and other things. While, I liked this book and one of the topics, which was stopping bullying. This is really important and does need to stop. It shows younger children that it is not ok to bully and if you can help prevent it, than you are a hero. One thing that did surprise me a little was the language that Aggie’s class mates used when she was younger. The “f” word was used several times. I just thought for the young age that the children were, this was not ok. Overall, I did like this book. Aggie’s Nine Heroes is a soaring, good time. Read this book and discover that you just might have a superhero inside of yourself.

AGGIE’S NINE HEROES by Diana Laurence
Rating: all ages
Publisher: Living Beyond Reality Press

Publication Date: June 2011
Genre: Contemporary mainstream
Pages: ~450 in paperback
Words: 145,000
Print Book ISBN: 978-0-9843086-2-0
Print Book Price: $15.99
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9843086-3-7
eBook Price: $4.99
Available formats: pdf, epub (nook, etc.), Kindle

Aggie’s Nine Heroes and

Aggie’s Nine Heroes explores themes related to responsible living, charity, and benevolent entrepreneurship. So, the author wanted to use the proceeds of this book in a manner that Aggie and her grandfather Bernie would approve. is an 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries around the world in the U.S., which in turn lend the money to small businesses and students. Kiva enables people who otherwise would be “unbankable” to start businesses and become productive members of their local communities, while bringing themselves and their families out of poverty.

25% of the proceeds of the sales of Aggie’s Nine Heroes will be donated outright to Kiva for ongoing administrative expenses. 75% of proceeds will be provided to investments through Kiva.


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