Lonely Deceptions

Nick Davis works at Lou-Paul Machine Shop. One day while walking by his boss’s office, he hears his boss talking to something on the phone. The conversation has nick replaying it in his mind. It is odd. When Nick’s boss gives Nick some blue prints to hold on it, Nick does not think anything is up until he uncovers something within the blue prints. At this point, Nick is now caught in the middle of a battle, where only the smart survive.

While, I did like this book, I felt that Mr. Willis added all the things he liked about thriller/suspense novels into this book at the same time. There was the intrigue, the shady characters, the hidden agenda and the protagonist. There was not a lot of the build up to the suspense. I was quickly introduced to characters without a lot of detail. Than like in the next scene, the characters’ identities would be revealed. Nick tried to come off as tough but I didn’t buy it. Nick was not the kick butt type of guy but more of a brainiac. I did feel like Mr. Willis did make a nice attempt at writing a thriller/suspense novel.


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