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Book Contest

Ok so remember a little while ago when I mentioned the book contest at J. Kaye's for Witch Ember? Well her and her husband have finished reading Raven and both Witch Ember and Raven will be given away together. To enter go here

Book Description

Guiromelans is a knight, a sacred paladin, seeking nothing more than to obey the commandments of God. But when God betrays him and allows a hells-condemned witch to defeat him in battle, he is forced to reexamine his faith. What did he do to merit such disgrace? What can he do to atone for his sins? Facing challenges both of the flesh and of the soul, Guiromelans begins a pilgrimage across the known world. In search of redemption and forgiveness, he discovers the true meaning of God’s will. The Raven is the sequal to John Lawson’s first novel, Witch Ember.

The Water's Edge

I have not read or own this book but thought I would showcase it as it sounds good.

When Jake "Payday" Bechet hears that two men have been murdered a few miles from where he lives in the Hamptons---hanged from the Shinnecock Bridge, their hands severed---he knows that trouble is coming. Trouble for him, for everyone, because it means that someone has betrayed the Castello crime family. Whether it’s someone trying to move in on their drug operation or the cops making their own statement, he doesn’t know, but he wants to stay far away from it all.

After all, years ago Bechet himself walked away from the Castellos with enough inside information to hold over their heads and to keep himself safe, then went underground. He doesn’t want to get anywhere near them now but soon discovers that he can’t remain indifferent---first it seems one of his friends has gotten involved in the fringes of this battle, and then the larger picture becomes clear: Jorge Castello himself wants Bechet to find out who’s behind the killings, claiming there’s a traitor in the family. The last thing Bechet wants to do is work for the Castellos again, but he knows he has to find a way to finish it somehow.

Between Bechet and Tommy Miller, a retired P.I. whose ex-girlfriend has also gotten too close to the Castellos and whose father was one of their casualties a few years back, all the loose ends will be tied up---one way or another---before the end of twenty-four hours.Once again Daniel Judson shines an unforgiving light on the darkest parts of the Hamptons and delivers a powerful, unforgettable read paced at breakneck speed.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fourth Watcher

When Mr. Timothy Hallinan contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reading his book and doing a guest blog. You can bet I said yes and I have to tell you it was worth it as The Fourth Watcher was a good book.

Poke Rafferty is a writer, who lives in Bangkok with his fiancée Rose and his daughter Miaow. He is looking to write more than just travel novels. Poke's novel titled "Living Wrong" is about living outside of the law. Poke wants some real life experience for his book so he has his friend Arnold Prettyman, a former CIA agent teach him how to follow people without getting caught. The only thing is Poke never realized that he would end up smack dab in the middle of a high stakes international thrill ride that would have him not only running for his life but would have him digging up some dirt and secrets that some very powerful people want left alone. Also, Poke is in for the surprise of his life when a long lost someone walks back into his life. Unfortunately there will be no happy reunion as this person has come calling on Poke for his help. Plus you won't believe how it all ends!

I enjoy reading international, suspense thrillers. From the summary I had read about The Fourth Watcher I knew this book was going to be right up my alley and would be good but I didn't realize it would be better than good it was great. The characters had some wonderful depth to them in addition to the fact that I thought they were all some in their own ways. I like when I read a book where the characters all have an equal part and can relate to each other in some way or other. From the first page to the last The Fourth Watcher picked up steam and keep on moving full-blast on a tank of high octane adrenaline rush that left you wanting more. I could tell Mr. Hallinan was passionate about his writing and his books as it showed. Mr. Hallinan could take you anywhere he wanted as well as make you feel like you were really there with Poke or anyone of the other characters in The Fourth Watcher. So if you are a must-read book than you have to check out The Fourth Watcher.

What's the craziest thing I've ever done to research a book? First, a blatant plug for my new book, but it's related directly to the question.

In THE FOURTH WATCHER, my protagonist, a rough-travel writer named Poke Rafferty, is tired of traveling and has decided to change genres. He's landed a contract for a book called Living Wrong, the premise of which is that he'll apprentice for a couple of months to six people who straddle the line between legal and illegal activity: professional gamblers, smugglers, and so forth – and then he'll try that activity one time himself. Each chapter of his book will trace the apprenticeship and the attempt.

At the time THE FOURTH WATCHER begins, Poke is paying a former CIA operative named Arnold Prettyman -- one of the thousands of spooks who were made irrelevant by the end of the cold war and rolled downhill to Bangkok -- to give him a crash course in surveillance, tracking people through the city and learning to lose people who are tracking him. The first sentence of the book launches this strand of the plot:

“Poke Rafferty has been on the sidewalk less than five minutes when he spots the tail.”

As it turns out, the skills Poke has learned from Arnold are essential to his surviving the next week of his life, which threatens everything he holds dear.

Well, Poke is a lot braver than I am. I do the vast majority of my research online, where the worst thing that can happen is a bare-knuckle fight with some spyware. For THE FOURTH WATCHER, which also deals with the wholesale counterfeiting of American currency by the North Koreans, I managed to find not one but two doctoral dissertations about North Korean counterfeiting – of money, medicines, cigarettes, practically anything you can slap a brand on and misrepresent. (By the way, North Korea makes more from these counterfeiting activities than it does from legitimate foreign trade.)

So, crazy. One story strand in A NAIL THROUGH THE HEART, which is the first of Poke's adventures, takes the reader back to the terror and brutality of the Khmer Rouge's reign over Cambodia, a four year period during which almost a quarter of the population was murdered or died of starvation and overwork. I flew into Phnom Penh (where I now live part-time) for the first time ever, and began naively to ask questions. I was trying to track down one or two of the former guards at the infamous Tuol Sleng prison, and also one of the seven people who survived being incarcerated there – one of seven out of the 17,000 who went in. I was aware that the search was making my driver/translator very nervous, but like a complete idiot, I ignored the signs until a policeman came up to us and started asking me what I was doing. The police in Cambodia are pretty much unaccountable. They can do whatever they want. My driver's nervousness suddenly made sense.

What I didn't know then was the extent to which the former Khmer Rouge leadership is woven into the power structure of today's Cambodia. A Westerner who goes around asking certain questions attracts official attention fast. I had a long “chat” with the cop, and he finally suggested rather strongly that everything I needed to know was available in the books that had already been written about the regime. He was about fifty, thick in the chest, and had an aura you could scrape your knuckles on. All the way through the talk I kept wondering what he'd been doing from 1975 to 1979.

So I quit. I did talk to a bunch of people who had lived through the regime, but I kept away from anyone who had anything to do with Tuol Sleng. Later, the International Commission set up at long last to prosecute the Khmer Rouge butchers hit an official wall that has still not been breached: there are a total of five people in jail, and not one of them has come to trial yet. Next year it will be 30 years since these murderers were driven from power.

By the way, in the next book, which is tentatively titled MISDIRECTION, Poke is researching final chapter of Living Wrong, about being a card cheat, when he wins, in a crooked game of Texas Hold'em, the right to write the authorized biography of a Thai billionaire with a violent and highly guarded past. Within hours, one group threatens his life if he writes the book, and another group threatens his life if he doesn't. I'm doing the research for that story line mostly by watching the World Series of Poker on TV. That's a level of risk I'm comfortable with.

Check out Mr. Hallinan's website at

He has some really pretty music playing on it and his book Nail Through The Heart even has a soundtrack for it.

Summer Book Challenge

So here is a challenge that I needed no excuse to sign up for. I already am reading so why not track them too. LOL. Ok so I signed up now how about you?

When: Friday, June 2oth through Sunday, September 21st, 2008.

Where: The blogosphere. Join up using this Mr. Linky. Post your summer reading list on your blog and backlink here. If you don't have a blog, you can use the one I created last year for this very purpose. Simply e-mail your list and reviews to her and she'll post and link you up, making you eligible for prizes.

Why: To promote literacy around the world.

Because we need a reason not to feel guilty when we choose to read instead of mop the floor.How: Make your list and post it on your blog. Then link to your post using the sign-up Mr. Linky. As you read your books, post a review on your blog and link to the review post using the review Mr. Linky. At the end of the challenge, post a wrap-up and link to the wrap-up Mr. Linky (coming in September).

Prizes: Prizes will be books (new or gently read) or book related items. (If you're an author or publisher and you want to provide a prize, send me an e-mail.) I'll give away one prize each week. To be eligible for prizes, you must have signed up on the Mr. Linky here. Beginning July 20th, you must also have posted one review using the Mr. Linky here. Due to shipping costs, you must live in the U.S. or Canada to win a prize. (Sorry.)

Here's my list

1. Clouds Over Mountains by Matt Joseph
2. Aberrations by Penelope Przekop
3. Gothic Blue by Portia Da Costa
4. Lust Bites by Kristina Lloyd, Portia Da Costa, and Mathilde Madden
5. The Crimson Fold by Teri Adkins and Susanne Saville
6. Midnight Never Com by Marie Brennan
7. All the Voices of the Wind by Donald James Parker
8. Far World by J. Scott Savage
9. The Murder Game by Beverly Barton
10. Bound Brits by Portia Da Costa, Barbara Huffert, Sierra Cartwright, Dakota Rebel, Lisabet Sarai, and Cassidy Ryan
11. Juliet Rising by Cleo Cordell
12. Fire and Ice by Anne Stuart
13. Nicholas by Elizabeth Amber
14. In the Wash by Rebecca Benston
15. Hoodoo Money by Sharon Cupp Pennington
16. My Life as a Concubine by Robin Glasser
17. No One Heard Her Scream by Jordan Dane
18. No One Left To Tell by Jordan Dane
19. No One Lives Forever by Jordan Dane
20. Black Ice by Anne Stuart
21. Trust Me by Brenda Novak
22. Last Known Victim by Erica Spindler
23. Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter
24. The Shadow by Shelley Munro
25. The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani
26. Hard to Get by Alyssa Brooks
27. Wild and Hexy by Vicki Lewis Thompson
28. Angel's Pain by Maggie Shayne
29. A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action by Luann McLane
30. Saving Cinderella by Donna L. Bolk
31. The Hunted by Rachel Lee

Ok this is it for now but be assured that I will be adding more.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Sweet Time with Debra Moore aka Moira Reid

I was introduced to this author for one of the review sites I review for. See my review here for Seduction 101

So I took a chance and contacted Debra Moore aka Moira Reid to see if she would be interested in doing a interview. She said "Yes". So I present to you my interview.

I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.

Thank you for having me here. It’s an honor just to be asked...I always wanted to say that, and now I know how it feels. :-)

What’s your idea of a relaxing day?

If I have the whole day to myself, I write all day. My butt gets numb, but that’s what I love to do. Let’s suppose for a moment that I’ve gotten all my big fires put out, and I haven’t started anything new...this happens once in a while. On those days, I watch movies...loads of popcorn, loads of butter, and loads of old romance movies. Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, When Harry Met Sally, etc. Love movies. Oh, and 300...yum city.

Describe your books in one sentence.

Seduction 101, Samhain Publishing: What if your best guy friend in the world offered to help you seduce someone—even though he was in love with you?

Pay Dirt, Cobblestone Press: What if you won the lottery and your whole life went to crap?

Paid in Full, Cobblestone Press: What if you’d tried every way known on earth to meet a man and all you’d found were losers?

Hawkes Abandon, Cobblestone Press: What if you had the chance to see the only man you’d ever loved one more time?

Sunlight-The Vampire Oracles, coming 9/08 Cobblestone Press: What if you were a 100-year old vampire who looked 20 and were in love with your 40-year old human neighbor?

How much research do you do and how do you do it?

I wonder how other people do it. I kind of do it on the fly. I’ll get an idea for a story, plot out the basic structure then start writing. Along the way, I realize there are multitudes of things I don’t know—so I look them up as I go and work them into the story. Is there a better way? I’d love to know it. You don’t know how many times I’ve gotten interested in something I was supposed to be looking up and spent an hour (I should be writing!) reading about it.

What are your heroes and heroines like?

I love humor in books...and hunky, angsty heroes. I try to do that in my books. And I like my heroines to be smart...they are all tending to be blond lately. I am not sure what that’s about. I’m a brunette (naturally) although I’ve been a redhead, blond, sandy-haired...and heaven knows even gray on occasion—although not intentionally. But I love my heroes to be dark-haired. Not sure why...hubby is dark-headed. Could be it. (grin)

What do you do to prepare yourself to write a hot love scene? Do you have a ritual, special music, candles, etc?

I just discovered the bonus of “prepping” for this recently. Music helps a lot. I love that Hallelujah song from Shrek. Also, the Snow Patrol song Chasing Cars. I can get in the mood to write some love with that kind of song playing. A good martini doesn’t hurt anything either although it tends to make me sleepy—LOL Candles? No, haven’t tried that one. Might though. Sounds like a good idea.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

The writing. I love the writing. Making up stuff, making it turn out the way I want it to—that kind of control appeals to me. Also, the chance to go back and fix things...don’t always get those chances in real life. And I really like how the good guys always win.

If you could try any other profession in the world. What would it be and why?

Well, I have another profession...I’m the chief financial officer at a sign shop. I wouldn’t say that would be it, however. LOL I wanted to be a flight attendant once after I read Coffee, Tea or Me? But that didn’t work out—my father said, and I quote: “You can do anything you want after you graduate from college.” By the time I’d done that, I was already on the corporate business track to being an actuary. Did that for 7 years, was an internal management consultant for 3 years, then worked for a software development company doing interactive multimedia for a while. None of those jobs were really what I would do, either. LOL Honestly, I can’t think of another job I’d love to do as much as this one. Maybe runway model...but I’m not really qualified. :-)

What did you do with the money from your first sale?

My first sale was actually for a book I wrote and bound together myself, then sold at a RWA conference in the late 1980’s. I made $300 and bought a comb binder with it (which I still have). LOL If you mean the first book I sold to a publisher—I bought my daughter a Nintendo DS and some video games she’d been coveting. The rest I’m saving up for a Kindle.

Is there any genre you’d never write? If so, why?

Never say never, I guess. I’ve written suspense, smokin’ hot erotic, scifi, sweet romance, mystery, ménage, humor, first person, third person, paranormal, thriller, alone, with another person, AS another person...honestly—whatever strikes my fancy at the time.

What is on your bookshelf?

Oh man...what isn’t? Dictionaries, thesauruses, other reference texts, novels, novels, novels, books on CD...empty coffee cups. Yeah...a lot of stuff. I need to dust sometime, too. Man, that is bad. I hope my mother-in-law doesn’t see that. I’ll never hear the end of it.

Can you share any exciting career news?

I have a new book coming out in September 2008 which is part of the Vampire Oracle series at Cobblestone. Another Oracle author, L. Shannon, and I have written A FREE EBOOK for immediate download at my website that includes characters from both of our books. It’s called Steel City Vampires: Welcome Home. Go to to get your copy!!

What is your one piece of advice for your readers?

Advice for readers? They should be giving me advice. Only thing I can think of is Read Moore...Live Better. LOL Pretty self-serving, isn’t it??

Debra Moore aka Moira Reid
I'm a BRAVA finalist!
Pay Dirt, Cobblestone Press
Hawkes Abandon from Cobblestone Press
Paid in Full-Valentine Monologues, Cobblestone Press
Sunlight-The Vampire Oracle coming 9/08, Cobblestone Press
Seduction 101, Samhain Publishing

Please visit my website!

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I have "Something To Tell You"

I was lucky enough to have Simon & Schuster willing to send me a ARC of this book. I had requested it from their Canadian site, which they do not typically send to the US at all but I am glad they decided to make an exception to let me read and review this book.

In Something To Tell You, Mr. Kureishi will take you back to his earlier days in London during the 80's. At that time Mr. Kureishi was making a famous name for himself with movies like My Beautiful Laundrette, Sammy, and Rosie Get Laid as well as his novel titled The Buddha of Suburbia. Mr. Kureishi shares with the reader his relationships with his sister, Miram, his ex-wife Josephine and son, Rafe, his friends and dealing with the loss of his first love, Ajita. Us the readers are in for a treat with not only reading a book by a great author but also with the fact that we get to laugh, love, and cry right along with Hanif Kureishi.

I liked the fact that Mr. Kureishi and his son, Rafe are very close, even though Hanif and his ex-wife, Josephine are no longer together. Also, enjoyed Hanif’s sister, Miram. Miram had a way about her where she would just point blank state things the way they were, even if you were embarrassed by it. Miram’s personality could be eccentric but than again who doesn’t have a relative who acts that way. Another item I liked was when Mr. Kureishi's was describing what it is like to be an psychoanalyst. Something To Tell You is a charming book that I was able to follow along with what was taking place in addition to finding Something To Tell You to be a fairly quick read. I have to say that Mr. Kureishi is a good prolific writer. Right away I got a picture of how people and places looked through Kureishi’s eyes back than. I found it interesting to get an inside peek into Mr. Kureishi’s childhood as well as present times. Something To Tell You is my first novel by Mr. Kuseishi. I will have to check out his other books.

To Pre-Order this book you can go here

Also to check out more books by this author, go to his website at

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Free E-Book Offer

I received this offer in one of my many newsletters that I receive and wanted to share it.

To receive your free book go here and sign up here

Another Book Contest

In the days when gods walked the earth and the clay of Man was still wet, a Stone of Power was shattered. From that day forward, all humankind carried a piece. Most have just a little- just the tiniest speck of dust- but some have one of the bigger grains- or even a pebble- and they are the most powerful of sorcerers. In the paranoid, magically-barren lands of the Seven Kingdoms, the street urchin Esmeree is born to carry a stone of unprecedented size and power. As she struggles to survive the unforgiving streets of Cliffs Reach, she endeavors to master the sorcery of her stone and understand its purpose. But time is running out for her for others have discovered her skills and seek to use or destroy her. The Inquisition, the Superbus Tyrannus, the Primate of the Holy Median church. Esmeree must determine her own path, or she will die their slave.

This book sound good? Than head on over to But run don't walk as this contest ends July 5th.

Book Contest

Booking Mama has a contest going on right now for The Memory of Water.

Summary: On the night their mother drowns, sisters Marnie and Diana Maitland discover there is more than one kind of death. There is the death of innocence, of love, and of hope. Each sister harbors a secret about that night-secrets that will erode their lives as they grow into adulthood.

After ten years of silence between the sisters, Marnie is called back to the South Carolina Lowcountry by Diana's ex-husband, Quinn. His young son has returned from a sailing trip with his emotionally unstable mother, and he is refusing to speak. In order to help the traumatized boy, Marnie must reopen old wounds and bring the darkest memories of their past to the surface. And she must confront Diana, before they all go under. -- Penguin Group USA

I have a spare copy of THE MEMORY OF WATER to share with one lucky reader. Please leave a comment on this post (with your e-mail address) if you are interested. Want to double your chances -- blog about this giveway with a link back to this post. I will keep this contest open until 11:59 p.m. on June 30th, and I will announce the winner on July 1st. This contest is open to US and Canada citizens only -- sorry!

I only have Nine Lives (True Spy Stories from Mata Hari to Kim Philby)

I have slowly been getting into reading more non fiction books and this one sounds like one I would enjoy.

In Nine Lives, Fitzroy Maclean brilliantly tells the true stories of nine remarkable spies. Among them, there is the captivating Mata Hari: who was executed by firing squad for allegedly spying for Germany during World War I; Richard Sorge: leader of the Tokyo Espionage Ring and the man who informed Stalin of the German attack on Russia in 1941 weeks before it happened; and Kim Philby--the "third man"--a prominent member of British Intelligence, a communist and a spy for the KGB. Brimming with drama and adventure, Nine Lives separates myth from reality and vividly brings alive the characters and events that surrounded these nine legendary spies.

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YA Book Contest

Do yo like YA books? Never tried one but would like to, than head on over to J. Kaye's book blog to enter.

Not all dreams are sweet.

For seventeen-year-old Janie, getting sucked into other people's dreams is getting old. Especially the falling dreams, the naked-but-nobody-notices dreams, and the sex-crazed dreams. Janie's seen enough fantasy booty to last her a lifetime. She can't tell anybody about what she does -- they'd never believe her, or worse, they'd think she's a freak. So Janie lives on the fringe, cursed with an ability she doesn't want and can't control. Then she falls into a gruesome nightmare, one that chills her to the bone. For the first time, Janie is more than a witness to someone else's twisted psyche. She is a participant....

But hurry as this contest ends June 28th. Good Luck

Gold Diggers

I thought I would present a book that sounds like a good beach read.

The international bestseller! The book beaches were made for!
When New York billionaire Adam Gold moves to London, every red-blooded woman wants to get him into bed...and down the aisle.

Karin is a successful fashion entrepreneur and London's most glamorous socialite. Her name is synonymous with style and class, and Adam Gold could be her perfect accessory -- but can the whispers surrounding her ex-husband's death keep her from her prize?

Erin, a young, naïve country girl with literary aspirations, never dreamed of traveling in such lofty social circles until she finds herself in the role of Adam's personal assistant and protégé. As her sights grow higher, the promise of riches, and lust for her handsome boss, threaten everything she once valued.

Molly, a fading eighties supermodel, can't seem to leave her glory days, or her expensive drug habit, in the past. Ultracompetitive, unabashedly ruthless, Molly will risk everything to secure the man who may be her last chance at marriage.

Summer, Molly's daughter, is an innocent beauty living in the shadow of her famous mother.

When she lands a television deal and becomes the latest "it girl," Adam Gold takes notice.
From Monte Carlo to Lake Como, St. Moritz to St. Barts, Gold Diggers takes a heady journey through the social circuit of the superrich into a world of sizzling passion, ruthless ambition and scorching betrayal.

Find out more: Read an excerpt

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Good Evening to all my fellow bloggers. Guess what! J. Kaye from J. Kaye's Book Blog has awarded my this cool award. See here

This award began as a way to help raise awareness about organ donation. Read the original post click here. Isn’t that cool?

Now this Share the Love Award comes with rules. Here those are:

Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

So in keeping up with the tradition I have awarded the following blogs. To those who are not listed it isn't because I didn't want to give you the award, it's just that J. Kaye already did it first. LOL

Thank you ladies for stopping by and letting me know that someone other than me is reading my posts.

If I missed you please let me know and I will add you to the list.


This is a book I have on my wish list to check out. The only thing is that this is book 3 in the series and I have never read the other books so I will probably have to go check out the first two also. Oh well still sounds like a good book. Actually I will be getting a copy of this book and will post a review of it later. Thanks

One bizarre death is just that---a death. Two? Could be a coincidence. But in Lori Andrews’s latest thriller, geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake discovers something much more dangerous than a killer---an epidemic.Taking a break from decoding the genetic sequence of a tropical disease, Alex takes on an investigation into the gruesome and unexplained death of a DEA agent on a mob stakeout in New Mexico. Within hours, she uncovers similar deaths throughout the Southwest. Is it a naturally occurring epidemic or has a lethal bioweapon been released in the United States?With the nation’s attention focused on a provocative presidential race, Alex’s attempts to warn Homeland Security fail. Only with the help of a rogue DEA agent and a cutting-edge supercomputer will she and the rest of her team at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology stand a chance of putting an end to the devastation before public hysteria rages out of control.From Alex’s lab to the closed rooms of a killer’s mind, Immunity maps the perfect sequence for an infectious, edge-of-your-seat thriller.

What will the movie of your life be called?

I found this fun quiz over at Naida's blog "The Bookworm" Check it out to find out what the title for your movie. Mine is below. Hum not sure about this one but oh well. At least I know I would have lots of laughs in my movie.

Book Contest

Want a chance to win a good book. Well here's your chance. Head on over to Booking Mama to win Driving Sideways. Also check out the great interview Booking Mama did with the author Jess Riley.

Summary: Leigh Fielding wants a life. Seriously. Having spent the past five years on dialysis, she has one simple wish: to make it to her thirtieth birthday. Now, thanks to the generosity of the late Larry Resnick and his transplanted kidney, it looks like her wish may come true.With her newfound vitality (and Larry’s kidney) in tow, Leigh hits the road for an excursion that will carry her from Wisconsin to California, with a few stops in between: Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, the Rockies, Las Vegas–and a memorable visit to thank Larry’s family for the second chance.

Yet Leigh’s itinerary takes a sudden detour when she picks up a seventeen-year-old hitchhiker, Denise, a runaway with a bunch of stories and a couple of secrets. Add a long-lost mother, a loaded gun, an RV full of swingers, and Hall and Oates’s Greatest Hits to the mix, and Driving Sideways becomes a hilarious and original journey of friendship, hope, and discovery. -- Ballantine Books

Monday, June 23, 2008


This is a story about a guy named Nick, who is dealing with everything falling apart around him and what he does to deal with the situation. Nick has just lost his unborn child in addition to his wife leaving him. Everyone around him tries to help him by making him talk about what happened but Nick wants no part of it and just wants to be left alone. Nick finds himself getting closer to a co-worker, Dixon and his wife Carry. Things are going good with this new found relationship Nick has formed with Dixon and Carry, except that items take place between these three that will make Nick re-evaluate changes taking place in his life.

Ok, so are I received this book and read the summary I wasn't sure if I was going to like it or not but I have to tell you after reading it I did enjoy it. The situation Nick finds himself in as well as the way he handles it was interesting. The really isn't a way to explain it other than it teaches us to not criticize people for how they deal with loses as everyone can be different in their own ways. Some are fine and get over it right away and others need more time, which can include them acting crazy or doing things to the extreme. To understand more about what I am talking about you will just have to Entropy out for yourself.

Thank you Mr. Gordon for letting me review your book.

Check out this author's website at

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Come get "Wild in the Country"

I got a chance to read and review some books by the lovely and talented Portia Da Costa. I first discovered her a few months ago when I got the chance to read and review Gemini Heat for one of the review sites I review for. Since than I have fallen in love with her books. You will see more reviews show up on my blog.

So for today's post I present Wild in the Country by Portia Da Costa.

Flora Swain has just moved to Marwick Magna. Flora was bored at her job, working at the bank. When Flora happens to inherit a bunch of money she decides to get away and look for something new in her life. The only thing is that Flora didn’t realize that new something would come in the form of a quantity of different beautiful, sexy men and women. Something strange and magical is taking place in Marwick. It has people losing their inhibitions and goes wild with their sexual side. Plus, Flora is being watched and the only clues Flora has are in the form of explicit, erotic letters describing all the ways this mysterious person wants to have as well as do with Flora and her body. The letters are signed “The Scribe”. It seems though that everyone in Marwick already knows the new adventures Flora is indulging in. Plus everyone except Flora has figured out the identity of “The Scribe”.

Oh well for now, Flora is having fun getting to know intimately all the people in Marwick. People like her hot next-door neighbor Declan McKenna, who is a world famous artist and did I mention that he likes to lounge around in the buff. Than there are Morwenna Carfax and her husband, Robert, Jack Walters, the local handyman, who is also handy with other things than just saving cats, author/writer Marshall Fox, he has been known to come up with some really steamy love scenes as well as some other people who live in Marwick.

Ok, so let me tell you more about why I am enjoying reading books by Portia Da Costa. It's because she can make your knees quiver, your heart race, get you in the mood to do some loving of your own with your special someone and also don't forget when you start a Portia Da Costa book you better clear some time as you will find yourself getting not wanting to put the book down till the last page. Wild in the Country had me loving every moment of it. What with all the great characters like Flora, Declan, Marshall, and Morwenna to name a few. Wild in the Country is not the first book I have read by this author so I should have known what to expect as far as the heat temperature but I have to tell you that I think Wild in the Country has got to be the most hottest one yet! Don't just take my word for it. Pick up a copy today and see for yourself.

Check out Portia Da Costa's website at

Saturday, June 21, 2008


The year is 1952.

Legerdemain is about the true story of U.S. Air Force undercover operative Jim Heaphey. The reader gets to travel through Casablanca, the fairs in Marrakesch, plus Cairo and Cyprus. Mr. Heaphey was stationed in the French Morocco. This was a time when the U.S. was allied with Morocco to defeat the Soviet Union without France's knowledge. The United States of America was able to store atom bombs at some of the Morocco air bases secretly. By having the ability to do this the U.S. would be able to set plans in motion that would go down in history.

First off I have to tell you I don’t typically read non-fiction novels. So when I saw Lisa Roe offering Legerdemain up for review and after reading the book summary I figured I would give it a try. Let me tell you I am glad I did and this is why. In writing Legerdemain, Mr. Heaphey is able to tell his part in what his responsibilities were as well as his relationship with the Islamic people. What an awe-inspiring novel. Here you take someone like Mr. Heaphey, who not only risked his life but in process was able to give the U.S an edge over the Soviet Union. I commend Mr. Heaphey for what he did. He is a true hero.

About the Author

James Heaphey, Ph.D.

James Heaphey is professor emeritus, Graduate School of Public Affairs, State University of New York. In addition to teaching and writing he directed political development programs in Brazil, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon and South Korea from 1961 to 1992, and gave seminars on the politics of developing countries for American military officers stationed in Europe and the Far East from 1968 to 2003.

He has a B.A., summa cum laude, from Western Reserve University, and a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley. He served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force from 1951 to 1954. He now lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Here Comes....The Secret Hunter

The Secret Hunter by Susanne Saville

Gwenllian Lloyd was out for a stroll in the gardens when her dog, Oliver decides to take off running. Oliver bumps Mr. Daniel Wycliff's leg. Wycliff loses his balance trying not to step on Oliver and on his way down he takes Gwen down with him. Gwen ends up landing on top of Daniel. Gwen can't believe that she ended up falling (literary) for one of the most handsome guys around. Daniel knows from the first moment he met Gwen that he liked her. Daniel wants to get to know Gwen better so he asks to see her again. Gwen and Mr. Wycliff really enjoy each other's company. Mr. Wycliff even likes Oliver and winds up buying him a fancy dog collar. Gwen wants to give Daniel her heart. The problem is Daniel has a reputation as a rake in addition to rumors that Mr. Wycliff might be a dangerous man but to whom?

I enjoyed the characters. Gwen, Daniel, and even Oliver all had great personalities about them. I could see why Gwen liked Daniel, as he was good-looking, tall, and he knew how to make a woman swoon. What a fun dog Oliver was, always letting you know what he is thinking besides he found Daniel for Gwen didn’t he? Who won’t want a pug like Oliver. Gwen tried to be a lady but sometimes her spunky side would come out. I thought The Secret Hunter was a good book. I can see why The Secret Hunter is a Finalist in the Desert Rose RWA in the 2008 Golden Quill contest in the Regency category!

Congratulations Ms. Saville on the nomination for The Secret Hunter.

Check out Ms. Saville's website

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Case of a Lifetime

I have not read this book but I thought I would feature it as I love watching Law & Order.

A recent study estimates that thousands of innocent people are wrongfully imprisoned each year in the United States. Some are exonerated through DNA evidence, but many more languish in prison because their convictions were based on faulty eyewitness accounts and no DNA is available. Prominent criminal lawyer and law professor Abbe Smith weaves together real life cases to show what it is like to champion the rights of the accused. Smith describes the moral and ethical dilemmas of representing the guilty and the weighty burden of fighting for the innocent, including the victorious story of how she helped free a woman wrongly imprisoned for nearly three decades.

For fans of Law and Order and investigative news programs like 20/20, Case of a Lifetime is a chilling look at what really determines a person's innocence.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Breaking Cover

From the Shamus Award-nominated author of the critically-acclaimed Jack Keller southern crime series comes an explosive stand-alone thriller about an undercover federal agent, a chameleon whose specialty is assaulting criminal organizations from within.

He was the most talented undercover agent in FBI history, until he dropped completely off the grid, and hasn't been heard from in years. Did he go native, or was he discovered and killed? When Tony Wolf is finally driven out into the open, torn from deep cover during the rescue of two kidnapped children, he becomes the number one target of both the vicious biker gang he double-crossed and a massive Federal manhunt.

But Tony’s tired of being the hunted, and as both the gang and a traitorous FBI agent converge on a small southern town, they’re all about to learn a hard lesson: When the Wolf breaks cover, he doesn’t always run away.

Sometimes he comes straight at your throat.

Critically acclaimed author J.D. Rhoades has written his most compelling thriller to date--a pulse-pounding novel that leaps off the page and will leave readers begging for more.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dali & I: The Surreal Story

An extraordinary memoir of fortune, fraud, and the master of modern art.

Art dealer Stan Lauryssens made millions in modern art, but he sold only one name: Salvador Dalí. The surrealist painter’s work was a hot commodity for the newly rich, investors, and shady businessmen looking to launder their black-market cash. Stan didn’t mind looking the other way; he just hoped the buyers would look the other way as well. The artworks he sold came from some very questionable sources, but he soon discovered that the shadiest source of all was Dalí himself.

The more successful Stan became, the closer he came to Dalí, until he found himself living next door to the aging artist, in the Catalonian hills. While hiding from Interpol’s detectives, Stan spent his time with the artists, musicians, business associates, and eccentrics who surrounded Dalí. He learned about Dalí’s secret history, the studio of artists who produced his work, and the moneymaking machine that kept Dalí’s extravagant lifestyle afloat long after his creativity began to flounder.

Dalí & I offers a behind-the-scenes view of the commerce and conspiracy that go hand in hand in the international art world, written by a man who has been to the top only to discover that it’s not so different from the bottom

Monday, June 16, 2008

Skin Deep

I have to tell you all that this author, Gary Braver is a good one. You need to check out his books Elixir and Flashback. His latest one Skin Deep sounds like it will be good. I know I have it on my list to read.

Someone is killing the most alluring women of Boston. Someone whose keen eye for beauty masks a twisted mind. Someone who insinuates himself into his victims’ lives and leaves them with nothing but an elegant black stocking knotted around their necks.

Homicide detective Lt. Steve Markarian must stop the killer before another vulnerable woman is sacrificed—possibly even his own estranged wife.

Beset with loneliness and addictions, Steve pursues leads all over greater Boston—from the haunts of blue-blooded Brahmins, to seedy strip joints, to mansions by the sea, to the halls of prestigious universities, to the offices of his own precinct—and to the recesses of his own heart, only to discover that he himself may actually be the killer.

In this stunning psychological thriller, bestselling author Gary Braver explores the nature of beauty, how women may strive to achieve it, and the forbidden yearnings that kill in its name.

Here is the link to his website

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Sunday Salon

Good Morning All. Ok, So I am cheating for my post for today's Sunday Salon. I have finished a few books with are The Fourth Watcher by Timothy Hallinan, Legerdemain by James J. Heaphey, and The Art of Desire by Cherie Feather (This book is for one of my review sites). I have not dome the reviews yet so I will be posting them later but instead I am featuring a book that I think sounds like a good read.

It is a short book description. No reviews yet as it will be ready for order till June 24, 2008

Product Description

Not everyone can take on the things that go bump in the night. Not everyone tries. But Jill Kismet is not just anyone. She's a Hunter, trained by the best - and in over her head. Welcome to the night shift...

About the Author

Lilith Saintcrow was born in New Mexico, bounced around the world as an Air Force brat, and fell in love with writing when she was ten years old. After taking second place in a fiction-writing contest sealed her addiction to the written word, it's often supposed that she has ink instead of blood filling her veins. She currently lives in Vancouver, WA with two small children and a houseful of cats. Oh. And a husband too. Her website is:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Book Contest

With Father's Day just around the corner, here are some *macho* book giveaways for our male readers! (you can always sneak away the book later, ladies :)Are you ready?! Here goes...St.Martins Minotaur has generously donated 3 stellar books to A Book Blogger's Diary for this giveaway!

Don't Tell a Soul by David Rosenfelt"Can you keep a secret? A really big one?" On New Years Eve, a stranger confesses to killing a girl and then walks away, saying “it’s your problem now.”

In the Heat by Ian Vasquez Boxer Miles Young thinks he’s got one more shot in him before it’s time to hang up the gloves for good. He may be the only one who thinks so.

Severance Package by Duane SwierczynskiSome days, you could just kill your boss. Guess what? The feeling is mutual in the new thriller by the acclaimed author of The Wheelman and The Blonde.There will be 3 winners, one book per winner, luck of the draw as per

Ends 5 am CST, June 30. US only - sorry, others.
Bloggers and Non-Bloggers (those without a blog) can both enter.
Non-Bloggers can easily comment using the Anonymous feature. But please leave your name and email in the comment. I can't contact you otherwise.

To enter :- Visit St.Martins Minotaur and browse their vast selection of books. Then come back here and leave a comment mentioning one book you'd like to read - something other than the prize books.- Comment as many times as you like. But you can only comment again AFTER at least one other person has commented. (So, keep checking back. The more you comment, the more your chances of winning)- Mention only one book per comment. Please try and not repeat titles already mentioned by others (ctrl+F the title and you'll see if it's in the comments or not). If it still happens, the duplicate mention will not be counted in the final tally.- DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDY WITH at least one of your comments.

So head on over to to enter to win. Good luck

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Deceived

Jonathan Quinn is an independant free- lance "cleaner". What that means is that Quinn disposes of bodies that people need to make disappear. So when Quinn goes to the LA shipping docks for a job, no one is more surprised than Quinn when he reconizes the body as a former CIA agent and friend Steven Markoff. Markoff's body was stuffed into a barrel but inside the barrel is some writing that looks to be some type of code. Quinn is off to figure out the mystery behind why his friend was killed. Also Markoff had a girlfriend named Jenny that Quinn is determined to save. Quinn finds himself in Singapore in the middle of an international cat and mouse game that could make matters worse for the US.

Quinn is one person you don't want to mess with, when it comes to "cleaners". All the characters in this book were strong, which is why this book was so good. This is my first book by Brett Battles and I can tell you that it was an outstanding book. I enjoyed the fast pace of The Deceived and thought the storyline was believeable and filled with action. You can bet I will be checking out The Cleaner by Mr. Battles. The Deceived reminded me of The Bourne Identity. I can't believe that I have never heard of Mr. Battles till now. Watch out all you reader fans of thrillers that will keep you going till the last page with a few twists thrown in the mix as you just might find yourself like I did falling fast and hard for Brett Battles and his books.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come Take a Stand with Debbie Williamson

Hello to all my fellow bloggers and readers. I have joined the Pumped Up Your Book Promotion tour. My first hosting duty is for Debbie Williamson, who took a unhappy experience and turned it into a powerful book called Stand.
To see what I am talking about. See below as I have included the cover for Stand and the synopsis for the book. Hope you enjoy.

One courageous woman shatters the chains of abuse that bound her family for generations and dares to brave the crippling memories of sexual abuse; shatter the illusions of denial; reveal her family s bitter legacy of violence; reach for healing and wholeness, and take her place on a path to forgiveness and peace. Replacing shame with hope, fear with truth, and shadows with light, Debbie Williamson shares her arduous journey to wellness. She did not choose this journey. At nine years old, she was a victim of sexual abuse. The hidden trauma of childhood rape often maps a life filled with destructive patterns and shame. Such was almost the case for Ms. Williamson. As a young woman struggling to repair her family, she finds the courage to take a STAND. Grasping for health because her life truly depends upon it, she uncovers and shatters her family s tragic tradition of violence. With focus and conviction, Debbie Williamson overcomes a lifetime of denial to heal herself and protect the next generation.

I started out keeping a journal. I was on my fourth year with this journal when I decided to make it a memoir. It wasn’t really my decision to write a book; it was a message from the other side. I had been ill and one evening while I was in bed, I was trying to finish my journals for my children. I wasn’t sure if I would be around much longer. I had a visit from my grandmother on the other side; she told me I was going to write a book. She told me to put my life stories along with hers and mom’s in a book. She said it would not only help my children, but it would help a lot of people understand what forgiveness really means. She said I was meant to do this and I needed to just believe in the message. My journals were much more personal and detailed then the book and they were also addressed to my children. So when I started to feel better I began the process of putting my words into a book. The chapters about my childhood were the most difficult part to write about. It is a part of my life that I am not fond of reliving and to write about it you relive it. This was never in detail in my journals and I ended up hiring a ghostwriter to interview me and help me transform my memories into words on paper. My journal entries about my adult life were in detail and it was not difficult to transform them into the book. It was actually healing to watch the book take form and realize with clarity what an incredible life I had. The gifts that I had been given I could now share with people and hope that the message of forgiveness would be understood. The dream of writing “Stand” was always about the message of forgiveness.

It took me a long time to convince my mother to help me with her part of the book. She wasn’t ready to share her personal life with the world and she had not even begun to heal from the abuse she had lived with. I told her about grandma coming to see me and it was months after that she told me she had prayed about the book and the answers she received were, to just do it. She finally agreed to write the book with me. We were going to interview her about her childhood because the memories were so very hurtful and this process helped me get through them. When it came time to start that process she passed away and left me with her journals. She also made me promise her that I would finish the book and not give up. She said she believed in my visit from grandma and she knew how important this book would be. I kept my promise and started the process of reading all her journals. She had always kept journals and they were in meticulous detail. She had about sixty journals that I read through looking for the information I needed. It was not an easy task for me, reading about my mother’s childhood horrors nearly took its toll on me. I came very close to giving up several times. I kept a clear focus on the message I had to share and when the first draft was done I sat alone in my office, and the impact of missing her finally set in. I was glad I kept my promise to her; somehow she knew that her journals would be devastating for me to read. The book was compiled from mine, my mother’s and a few of my grandmother’s journals. I have often thought about those journals and what to do with them. I decided to leave them for my grandchildren, and although some of them are heartbreaking, there is a lot of history in them.

The message of forgiveness has been misunderstood in the past and the impact it could have on our world is important.

I never understood how profound the meaning of forgiveness was until I went through it. Forgiveness can change the cycle of abuse and stop it from passing to future generations. I believe this with all my heart and I am proof that you can change your family and stop abuse from continuing on in its vicious cycle.

Healing yourself through forgiveness will change our world!

For more information on this great author. Check out her website at

Thank you to both Debbie Williamson and

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No One You Know

Twenty years ago Lila, Ellie Enderlin's sister disappeared, only to turn up a few days later died. Who would want to hurt Lila? Lila was a top math student at Stanford. Ellie obtains in her possession a notebook belonging to her sister that is filled with tons of mathematcial equations. Ellie is now on the hunt to solve the puzzle and Lila's murderer.

Along the way Ellie meets a man by the name of Andrew Thorpe. He is curious about Lila's unsolved murder and asks Ellie questions. The next thing Ellie knows, Andrew is writing a book about Lila titled "Murder by the Bay".

This is my first book by Michelle Richmond. I thought it was a good one. The only thing I had with it was at first it confused me a little when Ellie would flash back to the past and than the present, otherwise I liked how the story line came together. I thought I had the killer figured out but I was wrong. You won't belive who the murderer is and what his relationship is to Lila.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gothic Heat

Paula Beckett has always been a down-to-earth, normal woman but lately she has been the total opposite of herself. This may be partially due to the fact that a wicked sorceress named Isidora Katori inhabits her body. Isidora loves to have sex and lots of it. When Isidora takes control of Paula’s body for her pleasures, all Paula can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. This has not been happening a lot but as the days go by Isidora grows stronger and stronger. Paula hates it when Isidora takes control but luckily most of the sex has been taking place in Paula’s dreams. That is, until she meets Rafe Hathaway. From the first night Rafe meets Paula he is captivated by her charm and beauty. The only problem is Rafe can’t decide if he likes Paula or Isidora better. Oh well either way Paula/Isidora can really turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Gothic Heat is the second book I have read by Portia Da Costa and I have to say Gothic Heat is just as good as the last one. Portia Da Costa can sure write the love scenes. You never have to worry when the two characters make love that there won’t be enough steam between them. There is so much sizzle that even a whole fire department might not be enough to put out the fire. Rafe was so sexy, handsome and a great guy to have around. Paula started out a virgin in the bedroom but by the end of the book she was a full fledged siren. Gothic Heat is a follow up to Gothic Blue. I have never read Gothic Blue but I don’t think you have to read the first book in order to enjoy Gothic Heat. Gothic Heat is Paula’s story. I was able to pick this book up and start reading it right away without feeling like I had missed anything from not reading Gothic Blue. I would have to tell Portia Da Costa to not change a thing. She has a winning combination with her novels.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Blood Harvest

The year is 1928 in New England. Angus DeCosta is the son of Mary Elizabeth and Nick DeCosta. Mary Elizabeth is daughter to the MacKay clan. Her family was not happy that she married wine grower Nick as they considered him a non-white European. Angus is dared by some of his friends to cross the county borderline of Potemkin. Angus is found groping Jackie Sue MacKay by her cousins. Furthermore none of the MacKay clan had ever seen Angus before. When Jackie Sue’s cousin asked for his name and he said it was Angus, this made matters worse as it just so happened the cousin’s name was also named Angus. So the MacKay clan gang up on Angus and run him back over the county line and throw him naked over the bridge. Since he can’t swim he almost drowns. About this time Nick comes by and sees a bunch of men looking down at the water. He realizes that his son is down there, so he grabs his shotgun and proceeds to shoot at the MacKay clan. There is now a trial to determine who was at fault between the two Anguses. Some people want justice now and before you know it there are two bodies out in the woods.

Ichabod Lawe, the deputy marshal in the case between the two Anguses walks the reader through what unusual as well as evil transpired that year. Brant Randall digs into the horror that, as he found out, is still taking place today, which involves a group of people that call themselves the KKK. Blood Harvest is a very well-written novel. The one thing that I really enjoyed was how the book was split out into different parts. Each section gave you a heading of who you were going to meet next in addition to how they played a part in the whole tale. Blood Harvest really hits you hard. After reading the story you feel a sense of turmoil that a group of people could just take someone and do things to them without paying any consequences. Brant Randall also showed that not everyone agrees with this type of behavior and justice can prevail in the long run. Blood Harvest does take on a serious topic but luckily Brant Randall was able to keep this book on the light side by infusing some light-hearted witty humor to his characters.

Courtest of FAR

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The One I Want

Chloe Flynt has always gone for the wrong guys and she has three broken engagements to show for it. Her friends tell Chloe that she has a niche for breaking up and that she should start her won business. Chloe agrees that is a great idea. She moves from one side of the pond to the other— moving from London, England to Austin, Texas. There she starts up her own business called The Breakup Artist. Chloe’s next door neighbor and landlord is Matthew Tanner. Matthew embodies perfectly the description of a red-blooded, sexy, American cowboy. Matthew grows suspicious when an envelope with Chloe’s name on it, containing one thousand dollars, is dropped off in his mail slot. He wonders what type of business Chloe is conducting and if it is even legal. So Matthew decides to follow Chloe but Matthew ends up getting more than he bargained for as he starts falling for Chloe. Now all Matthew wants to do is get closer to Chloe and show her what Texas men are all about.

Chloe runs into a gal named Stephanie Baxter, who is about to get married to the wrong guy. Chloe offers Stephanie her assistance in breaking up with her fiancé. Stephanie can’t afford to pay Chloe so in exchange Chloe offers Stephanie a job working as her receptionist. Stephanie has another problem. A mysterious guy keeps following Stephanie. Who is he and what does he want with her?

What a wonderful, enduring romance novel The One I Want turned out to be. Chloe has a great quality about her. I loved the way she talks in her British accent. Matthew just oozes sex appeal, wearing a pair of jeans like they were a second pair of skin. The chemistry between Chloe and Matthew was hot with a capital H. I like the fact that whenever Chloe was around Matthew didn’t know whether to kiss her or strangle her for just being Chloe. You can bet that Nancy Warren had a lot of fun writing The One I Want because it was one of the best romance novels I have read in a while. I could not get enough of The One I Want and now I want more.

Courtesy of FAR

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cowboy Games

Rebecca Ryder’s husband Todd passed away a year ago. She is ready to get on with her life again and have some fun. Rebecca has found just the place. An authentic ranch in Wyoming where she can have a week long stay with a real-life cowboy who will wine, dine, and treat her like the lady she is. The place is called Fantasy Ranch. It is owned and operated by brothers Garrett and Gavin Carter.

The brochure for Fantasy Ranch has two rules. The first is No Sex. The second rule is No Contact or attempted contact after the week is up or it will be considered criminal stalking. Gavin will be servicing Rebecca for the whole week. He is very easy on the eyes with blond hair, lots of taut muscles, and green eyes. Unfortunately the longer both Rebecca and Gavin spend time with each other the harder it is to follow the rule of No Sex. Also what secret is Marge, one of the guests at Fantasy Ranch hiding?

I thoroughly enjoyed Cowboy Games very much. The sexual tension that developed between Gavin and Rebecca was so hot you would have thought you were in the Mohave Desert. Cowboy Games was such a well written book by Wendi Darlin . When you think of a cowboy as well as how he should be, Gavin is that cowboy. He is sexy, knows how to handle a horse, has that great charm cowboys have about them and he fills out a pair of jeans in all the right areas. Rebecca showed that sometimes you can get lucky twice in finding the man of your dreams. Cowboy Games is filled with romance, fun, a steamy love scene and scorching cowboys. This is why I gave Cowboy Games Five Angels and the title of Recommended Read.

Courtesy of FAR

Friday, June 6, 2008

From the Shadows

Part one of this story starts off with Angelo Milonne turning Lily Fontaine into a vampire. He than leaves her to fend for herself. Lily has been surviving for many centuries in New Orleans. While out and about one day she meets Vallon Paige. Vallon is human, works in a tattoo parlor called Under the Gun and is falling in love with Lily. Angelo comes back for Lily but only to find out that she has fallen for Vallon. He won’t let Vallon take Lily away from him, so he decides to kill Vallon. Angelo almost succeeds in killing Vallon and leaving him for the dead. Lily locates Vallon in the nick of time but he is on the brink of death. Lily makes a decision to turn Vallon into a vampire.

Part two introduces us to Jaidyn Pierce, her son Skye, her aunt Fiona Monroe along with giving us more in depth knowledge about who Lucius Silva, friend to Vallon, is and Aurelia Larue. Jaidyn meets Lucius at Under the Gun. Lucius has long black hair, a long nose, and shapely lips. One look at him has the ladies swooning for him. Lucius has not met a woman like Jaidyn in a very long time. Part two has a lot of surprises in it.

For some reason I got confused through parts of this book. Where I went astray was when the story would change from part one to part two. It took me a while to figure out what the relation to the new characters was to the existing ones I was introduced to at the beginning of the story. Other than this, From the Shadows was a very good book. There were a lot of sexy vampires with Vallon, Lucius, Lily, Aurelia and even Angelo. From the Shadows made me think of the movie Interview with a Vampire in the fact that both Angelo and Luca felt tortured in what they had become in addition to seeking redemption for their sins. Plus, I enjoyed the fact that this was not your typical vampire book, where vampires are just out to get some blood in addition to there being a vampire slayer. No, From the Shadows was only about vampires who were looking to get revenge on each other. The way it ended makes me believe that I could be seeing more of these characters in a future story. I hope this comes true as I would enjoy visiting with everyone again in From the Shadows. This was a good-quality first novel from Jae Knight.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Her Warrior Lord

Kyla Ayslin is a gladiator. She has competed in many competitions in the king’s arena including sword fighting. She has long dark hair. She and her brother Jonavan live with their aunt and uncle. Kyla is very excited to participate this year as the prize is a portion of land. The competition is broken up into different parts. The first is a solo display, where Kyla gets to show of her technique of the Vailin backsword. The next match is a fencing match. Kyla will face off against Oianna Vladmir, who she beat last year.

During the fencing competition Oianna says that Kyla’s sword is too long. The rules state the sword has to be thirty-five inches in length and no more. Kyla’s sword is three inches too long. She gets disqualified. The king bans Kyla from Darum for three months at which point she will repent of her sins. Kyla ends up in Asgard where Lord Egan resides. Lord Egan is a fine warrior. He has deep green eyes, square jaw, dark wavy hair, a scar above his left eye and a reputation of being a rogue with the ladies. Since only men can be warriors and Kyla can ride a horse she will be tending and caring for the Lord’s horses.

The banter that transpired between Kyla and Lord Egan was humorous. Kyla’s tougher-than-nails personality as well as Egan’s love to provoke Kyla every chance he gets was what helped make Her Warrior Lord such a fun book to read. Plus, as far as historical romances go this one is first-rate. I have to comment on how wonderful it was to read a love scene that was both steamy and helped to enhance the story line. This is my first time reading a book by Celia Jade but I have to say after reading Her Warrior Lord it won’t be my last time. Celia Jade’s writing style is so fluent that before I knew it I had completed reading this book in a matter of hours. I was sad when it ended. Her Warrior Lord is definitely a must read.

Courtest of FAR

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Splendid Concubine

My Splendid Concubine is the tale of Sir Robert Hart, Inspector General for Chinese Maritime Customs. My Splendid Concubine is based on true events but Mr. Lofthouse felt that in order to really do Sir Robert Hart’s story justice he wanted to make this book somewhat fictional vs. non fictional. He was the only foreigner the Emperor trusted and was such a huge influence in China. He was responsible for generating one third of the national revenue crucial to the Ch’ing Dynasty’s survival.

Sir Robert Hart was born in Ireland but went away to work for the British Consulate in China. The story starts when a young Sir Robert Hart arrives in China. The year is 1854. After spending a few weeks learning how to speak Chinese ends up sailing on a ship called Iona, which is a schooner for opium. Sir Robert Hart meets a variety of people like Captain Dan Patridge, Payne Hollister; the British Consul, Guan-jiah; Sir Robert Hart’s trusty servant, Ward; a mercenary general, and his two concubines Ayaou and her sister Shao-mei. Sir Robert Hart meets Ayaou for the first time while invading a Taipings break camp to rescue some men. Sir Robert Hart has love only for Ayaou but soon learns that it is very uncommon to love only one woman. Ayaou even tells Sir Robert Hart one day that “I don’t know what it’s like where you come from, but in China a girl is born to be a foot warmer for a man.” Sir Robert Hart lived in China for about fifty-five years until he moved back to his home country of Ireland to day an old man.

Mr. Lloyd Lofthouse did an amazing job with My Splendid Concubine. I thought Sir Robert Hart’s story was a beautiful one of romance for both his concubines as well as the country of China. I have to admit I have never heard of Sir Robert Hart but after reading his story I have a great admiration for what he did in addition to his determination to learn the culture there and become a Chinamen. You can definitely tell all the labor of love Mr. Lloyd Lofthouse put into writing My Splendid Concubine. Mr. Lofthouse wanted to tell the earlier years of Sir Robert Hart and when he was an interpreter for the British Consulate in Ningpo with his concubine Ayaou. Thank you, Mr. Lofthouse for making sure Sir Robert Hart’s story got told.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Romance Book Contest

Honora Tannach comes of age in the Scottish highlands, and has been living with her stepfather, Calum, since her mother died. Honora is betrothed to the son of a Scottish laird, Artair, but on the day of their wedding, a stranger arrives to the celebration. This man turns out to be Artair's eldest brother, who was held captive by barbarians, and has escaped, his name is Cavan. Honora's greedy stepfather, insists that Honora is legally wed to Cavan instead of Artair, since the paperwork he signed said his daughter is to marry the next laird. So by a twist of faith, Honora is instead wed to Cavan, who she fears since he is angry and scarred, coming back from being held captive for so long.

Cavan has no patience for Honora, he thinks she is weak and too frightened and he is not happy to have her as his wife. He is angry since coming home and feels guilty for having left his younger brother behind with the barbarians. He is also upset that he is suddenly married to a stranger, so upset that he won't consumate thier marriage. Slowly but surely be begins to warm up to Honora and have feelings for her, even though he tries to deny it and push her away.

Honora has feelings for him as well, but thinks he dislikes her since he is always angry. She comes to know him better, and sees that he feels guilty over not bringing his brother home with him.

The romance is sweet, I really enjoyed this read. Cavan is tall, dark and handsome and he's got a bit of a 'bad-boy' streak to him, but really he's just misunderstood.

This book sound good? Naida gave it 4 out of 5 stars and she is giving it away. You know you want it as this is one of your guilty pleasure is reading romance books.

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Book Contest

The ladies at The Friendly Book Nook are having a group read/giveaway combo. The book? The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. I've heard lots of good things about this book, so come join in the fun! Here are the particulars.

Giveaway for the Group Read!Courtesy of the publisher, we have a copy of The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson to give away!

Here’s how to enter!1) Agree to participate in the Group Discussion if you win the third week of June and leave a comment. (one entry)

2) Blog about the Group Discussion and invite your readers to join in with a link back to this giveaway! (two entries)

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Close Quarters

As Neena Williamson is leaving a diner, robbers arrive. She is forced into a closet with a really hot guy named Mitch Gilroy. He is six-foot three, strong with black hair and a jack of all trades. There definitely seems to be some very strong sexual tension between Neena and Mitch, but before they can do anything about it they are rescued from the closet. Neena asks Mitch to pose in a charity calendar that she is putting together called “Men of Clarksville”. Mitch agrees to be Mr. December.

When Neena sees Mitch posing for the calendar she knows that she has to figure out a way to spend more time with Mitch and his hot body. Neena tells Mitch that she needs some home improvements done and asks if Mitch would be willing to lend a hand. Mitch really likes Neena and can’t believe his luck when he gets a chance to know her better.

I am jealous of Neena. First she gets locked in a closet with a sexy man and next she gets to see him posing naked for a calendar. All I have to say is where do I sign up? Mitch is the kind of guy you want to have around all the time as he is good with his hands both around the house and in the bedroom. December is now my new favorite month of the year. What a great book! Close Quarters is full of sexiness and plenty of love making. Close Quarters is the second book I have read by Denise A. Agnew and I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the first book. What I really like the most about Denise A. Agnew is how easy she makes reading her books. Her stories are free-flowing and smooth. Check out this latest book by Denise A. Agnew to see what I am talking about.

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