Gothic Heat

Paula Beckett has always been a down-to-earth, normal woman but lately she has been the total opposite of herself. This may be partially due to the fact that a wicked sorceress named Isidora Katori inhabits her body. Isidora loves to have sex and lots of it. When Isidora takes control of Paula’s body for her pleasures, all Paula can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. This has not been happening a lot but as the days go by Isidora grows stronger and stronger. Paula hates it when Isidora takes control but luckily most of the sex has been taking place in Paula’s dreams. That is, until she meets Rafe Hathaway. From the first night Rafe meets Paula he is captivated by her charm and beauty. The only problem is Rafe can’t decide if he likes Paula or Isidora better. Oh well either way Paula/Isidora can really turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Gothic Heat is the second book I have read by Portia Da Costa and I have to say Gothic Heat is just as good as the last one. Portia Da Costa can sure write the love scenes. You never have to worry when the two characters make love that there won’t be enough steam between them. There is so much sizzle that even a whole fire department might not be enough to put out the fire. Rafe was so sexy, handsome and a great guy to have around. Paula started out a virgin in the bedroom but by the end of the book she was a full fledged siren. Gothic Heat is a follow up to Gothic Blue. I have never read Gothic Blue but I don’t think you have to read the first book in order to enjoy Gothic Heat. Gothic Heat is Paula’s story. I was able to pick this book up and start reading it right away without feeling like I had missed anything from not reading Gothic Blue. I would have to tell Portia Da Costa to not change a thing. She has a winning combination with her novels.


Anonymous said…
I love books that are like that. You don't need to go back to the beginning, you can just jump in anywhere!

great review

Portia Da Costa said…
Wow, Cheryl! Thanks so much for your kind words about Gothic Heat. I'm delighted you enjoyed it so much.



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