No One You Know

Twenty years ago Lila, Ellie Enderlin's sister disappeared, only to turn up a few days later died. Who would want to hurt Lila? Lila was a top math student at Stanford. Ellie obtains in her possession a notebook belonging to her sister that is filled with tons of mathematcial equations. Ellie is now on the hunt to solve the puzzle and Lila's murderer.

Along the way Ellie meets a man by the name of Andrew Thorpe. He is curious about Lila's unsolved murder and asks Ellie questions. The next thing Ellie knows, Andrew is writing a book about Lila titled "Murder by the Bay".

This is my first book by Michelle Richmond. I thought it was a good one. The only thing I had with it was at first it confused me a little when Ellie would flash back to the past and than the present, otherwise I liked how the story line came together. I thought I had the killer figured out but I was wrong. You won't belive who the murderer is and what his relationship is to Lila.


Julie P. said…
Looks good! I want to get around to reading this one! Thanks for your review.
Becky LeJeune said…
HeyI I agree with Julie P, this one does sound pretty good. Thanks for posting it.
Anonymous said…
I just read a review about this one. She said it wasn't nearly as good at the previous...was it YEAR OF THE FOG? I haven't read anything by this author, but hope to soon.
Anonymous said…
Well now you've got me wondering who the killer is :) I'll have to check it out!

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