Book Review: Equity is Ecstasy


Will Jade’s best laid plans turn out better than she expected, or will they blow up in her face?

The previously uptight CPA has certainly loosened up this year. She’s also finally realized Damian is worth ending her 
get in, get on, get off and get out agenda with regard to men. But when push comes to shove, Damian might have just pushed Jade a bit too far, too fast.

They do love each other. Spend a lot of time together. Jade has even considered forking over the spare key to her apartment. Now Damian’s hinting at more. Looking at houses. Buying the bar. But when he jokingly insists she come to work for him, too, Jade doesn’t just put her foot down—she stomps all over the idea. And his feelings.

Is he being unreasonable, or is she being stubborn? As the elephant in the room settles in with an extra-large bag of peanuts, Jade and Damian work out their issues the only way they know how: with as little clothes as possible.

** EQUITY is the fifth in a five-book series of short stories and features MF, MMF, and MFF. Each book contains explicit WhyChoose/WhyNot consensual encounters.

My Review

I am sorry to come to the end of this ooh so steamy, erotic journey with Jade and Damian. It has been a very entertaining and emotional roller coaster. Yet, I loved every moment of this book. Revisiting the many encounters that Jade and Damian had along the way. I liked revisiting memory lane. Although, I will say it again that Welsey can stay away from me and my feet. 

Jade will always be Damian's "NG". These two truly are meant for each other. So glad that Jade came to the realization of this. She sure had a wild year. Yet, that does not mean just because Jade and Damian have chosen each other that they won't have a few more up close and personal encounters with a few old faces. 

This book is like eating a banana split sundae. It had a little bit of everything. It is so deliciously yummy. 


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