Book Review: When She Left


A young couple fleeing a criminal family confronts a reluctant assassin in this heart-pounding thriller from E.A. Aymar.

When Melissa Cruz falls hard for a dreamy-eyed photographer named Jake, she can’t resist the urge to run away with him. The problem is that she already has a boyfriend, a rising star in his family’s crime organization. Betrayed and humiliated, Chris isn’t going to just let her go.

To find Melissa, Chris turns to Lucky Wilson, one of his family’s professional assassins. But Lucky has his own problems. After years of lying about his day job, his marriage is in shambles and he suffers from relentless panic attacks. He’ll do this job if Chris will let him out of the killing life.

Lucky knows this is his best chance at salvaging the home life he always craved. But Melissa and Jake aren’t going to abandon their chance at something real—something they’ve both been lacking in their lives. But they aren’t the only ones desperate to survive, and a powerful criminal family isn’t the only danger.

And soon, it’s clear that an unlikely partnership might be the only way for any of them to make it out alive…

My Review

This is a fast, paced read. It starts out strong. I did find myself engaged in the story and the characters. Although Melissa and Jake have luck on their side. They are not the best equipped to be on the run and protect themselves. There were times when I got frustrated by their actions. 

I get Jake's obsession with finding any moment to take a photo but dude, you have people chasing after you wanting to k!ll you...put down the camera!

On the other hand, I liked Lucky. He is like those loveable underdogs that you are cheering for. He is relatable as well. Overall, I did still find this book to be one that I did not waste my time with reading. 


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