Once Upon A Broken Crown


Your favorite fairytales, reimagined. What if Captain Hook was Snow White's Savior? And Belle was the Beast she feared. Maybe Red Riding Hood isn't so sweet. What if the villain got the girl? Or the Princesses we know and love had secrets so dark, their tales were better left distorted. 20+ classic tales retold from the minds of best-selling and award-winning authors. Romance like you've never imagined, spice that’ll set you ablaze, and adventure that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. Everyone deserves a happily ever after—even if it's twisted.

Authors in this set include: Erin O'Kane, Susana Mohel, Sade Rena, Annie James, Amarie Avant & Xavier Neal, Lark Anderson & LJ Anderson, DC Renee, Catharina Maura, Helena Rookwood, Kelly N. Jane, Amanda Kimberley & P. Mattern, Alexandra Silva, Olivia Peters, Katherine L. Evans, Sarah Bale, Taya Rune, Devyn Sinclair, Emma Luna, Astrid Seabright & Mira Kane, Cate Corvin, and Melora François

Beautiful Beast by Olivia Peters is a contemporary romance fairytale retelling inspired by Beauty and The Beast.


I rejected my legacy to fight wars in foreign countries, risking my life for the rush.

Taking my place as the Prince of Wall Street is the last thing on my mind when I return from Syria broken. But I didn’t bargain on a beautiful new neighbor who thinks she can heal me.

She’s wrong. There’s a reason they call me the beast.


I grew up on the free lunch program in New York City’s worst neighborhood.

Now I’m living in a penthouse with a reclusive billionaire neighbor. I should run from the danger surrounding him, but all I want to do is get closer.

He isn’t the only one with a dark past. And I’m ready to take on the beast.

I absolutely love this retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Olivia Peters. This is not the story that us readers grew up on aka "Disney" version. Nope, this version is Showtime rated. I have read many books by Olivia, and they all bring the "steam", but I have to say this is by far the "steamiest" story of them all. 

Adam was rough around the edges, but he was no match for Belle. She definitely won Adam over and that is when things really heated up. Not to say that the sexual tension before than was anything but HOT. If this is your first introduction to Olivia Peters, you are in for a great treat, and I can guarantee you will become a fan. 


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