Book Review: Eternally Damned


121 years without hope has a soul become silent.

Salem, Massachusetts.

The home of magic. The hell of the damned.

The place where I rest until the end of time.

There is only one way for me to wake from my coma.

My beloved must find me and feed me her blood before I turn to ash.

It’s a rarity for a vampire to meet his blood mate.

I knew when the coma took me, I’d die.

In the dark.


Until Maven Wildes buys my estate.

Her presence at the house wakes my spirit.

But not my mind.

I want her out of my home more than I want to breathe fresh air.

Unfortunately, the infuriating beautiful woman refuses to leave.

Yet… meeting me revives a lost magic in her veins.

And now breathing her in is all I want.

Our love creates power a warlock craves.

He’ll spill blood to have Maven, but I’ll drink his until his heart stops.

I will always protect my beloved with my entire being.

Even if it means spending my days in eternal night.

My Review

After reading the prequel, Eternally Hers I could not wait to read this book. The prequel provided me just enough of a taste of what was to come with this world that the author built that I was ready for it. This book is even better than I could imagine. You could say that January Rayne has made me a "born again vampire lover" with these books. 

Alexander and Maven were definitely soulmates. As soon as they were near one another I could feel the strong connection between them. Boy was it a HOT connection. I now know what my dreams will be filled with, and they will be great ones. In the beginning, I did have to laugh at Maven and Lex's first introduction to each other. 

This book is not all about the sex. There is a really good, strong storyline weaved throughout the pages as well. One that I can't wait to see how it progresses in the next book. 


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