This Love Kills Me


Trusting her in-laws was her first mistake.

Julia Rose, an acclaimed millionaire fantasy author, wife, and mother to a young boy, disappears on a family cruise. Did someone push her overboard? Or did she fall?

Three years after the incident, a young beautiful woman shows up in Manhattan, calling herself Annie Adams. With the help of Julia’s former attorney, Annie establishes herself as the new estate manager of the Rose family. But Annie didn’t take the job to make Julia’s widow richer. She is in the city to find out who tried to kill Julia and why, and make them pay.

When her dedication turns into obsession, Annie has to decide if she is willing to pay the high price for bringing justice.

My Review

I thought this was a good book. Although, I would call it a bit of a "sleeper thriller". What I mean is that it moved at a slower pacing than I would have liked my psychological thriller to move at. The build up took quite a while to get there. It seemed like I kept waiting and waiting for something exciting to happen. 

Everyone is a suspect but they are all innocent until proven guilty. That is where Annie comes in. She is determined to find out the truth about who wanted Julia out of the picture. What she did not expect is to fall for Julia's husband, Tony. 

While, there might have been some romance, this is not a romance suspense book. I was drawn to Annie. She herself had an interesting story as well. Overall, I did like this book and do suggest readers give it a chance. 


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