East of Manhattan


Julie and Scott Cutter made a deal: two years. Scott will spend two years working as a butler for a rich reality television star and then they will start the family Julie has always dreamed of. But Julie's fertility is not what she always assumed it would be, and what's more, her husband lives in the basement of his celebrity boss’s Manhattan mansion instead of with her, across the East River in Queens. Oh, and Scott casually announces over brunch one morning he doesn’t want kids anymore. Convinced spending an idyllic Fourth of July weekend in the Hamptons will change his mind, Julie makes one last-ditch effort to salvage her dream, only to be confronted instead by her worst nightmare and a dirty little secret that would change the course of her life forever.

My Review

Julie is my woman. She started out as kind of mild and someone I probably would not recognize on the street but by the end of the book; she was on her way to being a career woman who could stand on her own two feet. Although, I was not a fan of her "cleanse" or "diet". It is not healthy and there were a few times that Julie almost fainted from lack of good nutrition. 

In the beginning, I liked Scott. I thought he was sweet and that he and Julie made a cute couple. However, as the story progressed, I found myself not a fan. Therefore, all the things that Julie would do for Scott was not cool. Despite this; Julie and Scott could be real people. Real couples experience what they went through and therefore both Julie and Scott were relatable. 

East of Manhattan is a quick and charming read. I do look forward to seeing what new author Amanda Johnson writes next. 


Mystica said…
I will be looking out for this author. This sounds a lovely read.

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