The Mars Run

Inside the Book

Author: Chris Gerrib
Publisher: Cincinnatus Press
Pages: 234
Genre: Science Fiction
When eighteen-year-old Janet Pilgrim’s boyfriend was killed in a training accident at the space academy, she thought she was going to be thrown out. Instead, she soon found herself shipping out as a junior astronaut on the forty-year old spacecraft Windy City bound for Mars.
But freighters and passenger ships aren’t the only craft plying the spaceways. When the Windy City is attacked by pirates on the way to Mars, Janet finds herself in more danger than she could ever have imagined.

My Review

I did like this book, I just wished that the action that happened in the last few chapters had carried through more through out the whole book. There was more dialect then there was action. Although, I found the author did a good job of describing the environment and the characters as I got images of all of them and the planet Mars and the spacecraft.

The warning explicit language and sex is good as the "f" word was used. However, the sex scenes were brief with not a lot of details. Plus to expand on this it was not always girl and guy, some times it was a threesome. Yet for the way the author wrote it for the story, I was fine with it. This is the first book and so hopefully the second one picks up more steam in the action department. Also, towards the end I thought Janet had grown to become more of a stronger leader.


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