Matchmaker Bree Caxton has a 98% success rate, a book about to hit the stands, and an amazing boyfriend. Until, that is, he gets cold feet about their future and runs from their relationship.
Afraid no one will buy a book on love from a woman whose love life is a mess, Bree begs her one matchmaking failure, Nixon Voss, to pose as her boyfriend. But when they become a hit with readers, they must carry on their charade just a little longer. Fortunately, they’re both having fun...
But then Bree’s ex decides he wants her back and a newspaper presents a challenge that could expose the truth about her rocky love life. Now she must find the courage to embrace what is, or risk losing something much bigger than her reputation: her heart...

My Review

I was ready to settle in and have an enjoyable afternoon reading this book. What I expected was tons of laughter. What I got was a few moments that barely made me crack a smile. While I did not like Bree's ex, even though I barely knew him and thought that she did better with Nixon, they came off more as "good friends" then lovers. I honestly tried to stick this book out as long as I could but I threw in the towel. If a book does not grab me within the first few chapters or the characters can't do it for me then I have no problems putting the book down. This sadly is what happened to me with this book. Yet, I will say that if Bree had come off as not as whiny and more charming, I may have stick this book out longer. Can I See you Again...No.


Mystica said…
Sorry it disappointed. Seems a good premise though.

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