Shake Cats

The fur flies in this irresistible third installment in the bestselling Shake series by popular pet photographer Carli Davidson, featuring adorable and hysterical color photographs of more than sixty cats caught mid-shake.

Pet photographer Carli Davidson has enchanted readers around the world with her adorable photographs of man’s best friend in Shake and Shake Puppies. Now, she turns her lens on felines in this sweet and heartwarming volume that is pure catnip for cat lovers.

Shake Cats includes more than 130 gorgeous, highly detailed color pictures of felines in mid-shake. Like its predecessors Shake and Shake Puppies, it showcases a charming double-page layout—each spread features two images of the same cat placed side by side to capture the unique movement of the shake.

Inside, fans will find a roster listing the names, ages, and breeds of cats photographed. Davidson also provides outtake images of her shoots with the cats, a short, insightful description that explains her process, and information about animal rescue to encourage people considering a new cat to choose a rescue animal.

A truly incomparable book—as beautifully designed as it is humorous—Shake Cats is the ultimate gift for every cat lover.

My Review

Another enjoyable, entertaining book that brings tons of laughs. While I am more of a dog lover, the cats in this book were funny. In fact, they just might be more funny then the dogs and puppies in the other books. Yet, there were some pictures of some of the cats that made them look outright possessed. What with no faces and evil looks in their eyes. However the pictures were still entertaining. What I really liked were the ones with their tongues sticking out or the ones with one eye closed. I could spend hours looking through all of the pictures in this book. Thus the reason this book makes a good table top book as you will want to keep it out on the table for friends and guests to look at as well. A good conversation starter.
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