Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli

IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway has risked her life to take down drug cartels and other dangerous tax frauds. But going after the mob is one offer she can't refuse...

He's no Tony Soprano. Still, local crime boss Giustino "Tino" Fabrizio is one shady character that Tara would love to see behind bars. He operates a security business—or so he claims on his tax forms—but his clients don't feel so secure when it's time to pay up. Problem is, no one can get close enough to nail this wiseguy for extortion. No one, that is, except Tara...

Going undercover, Tara lands a waitress job at Benedetta's Bistro—which is owned and operated by Tino's wife. Being surrounded by cream-filled cannolis could be hazardous to Tara's waistline...even though the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Only thing Tara can't afford to do now is blow her cover. Because serving Tino his just desserts will surely come with a price...

My Review

I have read a few other books in this series. They are fun, quick reads. Fans of cozy mystery books will like this series. There is none of the blood and guts like a suspense/thriller book. Tara is always fun for laughs. Her and her relationship with Nick is a good one as well. They are kind of like Lucy and Ricky. They are great together and they keep things entertaining.

Although I enjoy reading these books, I found this one just middle of the road. There was nothing too intriguing about the characters to really suck me into the story. Which speaking of characters, the mob in this story were scary but not that scary. Although the descriptions of the food had my mouth watering. While this book was not in my top five in this series, I still enjoy reading these books that guarantee a good time.


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