The Harm in Asking

I wanted to read this book because it sounded like a good time with tons of laughs. I mean if you saw this book cover you would expect nothing less. However I was sadden by this book. I hardly laughed. Some of the situations that the author may have thought was funny and the reader like me was supposed to laugh at was more awkward like a blind date, creepy like a stalker, or just plain sad.

There were times where I even skipped chapters because I thought the subject title would be more interesting and funnier. Not so much. While I do appreciate the author sharing a unscripted look into her life growing up, I wished it was happier and not so much time spent in detail about everything. For example do I really need to read about several pages worth of how Sara went to the bathroom and her time playing with dolls that she thought up while in the bathroom. Although, the conversations that Sara had with the dolls were funny.


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