Tessa comes into town. The first thing she does is head over to Dillon and Ethan's ranch. Tessa is about to give birth to Ethan's baby any day. All she wants is for Ethan to sign his rights away. Dillon realizes that Tessa may have been one of the last people to see Ethan alive. He does not plan to let Tessa out of his sight until he learns the truth about Ethan's death.

It has been quite some time since I have read a book by this author. I enjoyed reading this book. I like westerns. Atonement is book four in the Beartooth, Montana series. You don't have to have read the prior three novels. However it did feel a little disconnected like the characters and the current events that they were facing had happened in a prior book. So I this did not help some in the department of me getting to really know the characters and sharing a bond with them.

In addition, in the beginning I thought that Dillon came off as very uncaring and rough. So I did not see him as the romantic love interest for Tessa. As the story progressed I did warm up to Dillon. Plus, it was easy to see him and Tessa together as I felt like I did not know who Ethan was. Other than a rambler. I more tended to like Tessa. She was strong-willed.


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