Maggie Larkin was trying her hardest to put up with reality, rich snob, Rafe de Luca but he touched her butt one too many times. Plus, Rafe’s comment about the Larkin sisters has made Maggie see red. The next thing Maggie is giving Rafe a bloody nose.

Cal Drummond was watching Rafe. He knew what Maggie was going to do before she did it but he was too late to stop her. Cal makes his way to Maggie and rushes her out of the bar before the paparazzi get to her. Cal has been tracking Rafe for a while. It seems that one of Rafe’s hobbies involves killing the women that he has been with. One of those women is Cal’s sister. Cal will not let the same fate fall upon Maggie.

What I like most about Mrs. Ambrose’s books is her humor. Maggie was the one that brought the laughs. She did it with her strong personality when it came to Cal. She never would admit when Cal was right. She always had to put in her two cents and this would cause for some entertaining, witty banter. The romance between Cal and Maggie was alright. I would have liked the heat level to be turned up a couple of notches. When Maggie and Cal finally had sex was not until about the middle of the book. Than they never really did it again. They were too busy trying to stay out of trouble and giving into their needs again.

The excerpt in the back of the book had a preview of the next book involving Maggie’s sister, Zoe. I can not wait to read that book. It looks like it is going to be excellent. Silver Sparks is a sparkling read full of fun, action, witty banter, and romance


Starr Ambrose said…
You're so right, Cheryl - Maggie's a stubborn heroine, used to doing things her own way. Impulsive, too. That made it so much more fun to hit her with a sexy by-the-book cop who sees her as his worst nightmare!

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