The Check Your Luck Agency

Review by Nancy
When you work in Singapore, a lot of friends and business associates believe in Luck. Good luck, bad luck, luck of all kinds is sent you by spirits and affects how your life runs.

Ursula Formosa, formerly of the UK but born in Asia; has skipped to Malay. She leaves behind no love life, deceased parents and has enough to “get by”. But she didn’t like to be idle so picks up a job from Fiona Li at the Check Your Luck Agency. Problems with a lease? Lover dumps you cold? Things that go bump in the night? Ursula is on it for you!

She actually can see things that you and I can’t but has tried her entire life to ignore them. Seems as though her boss and a co-worker knows she can see things but they don’t discuss it. Fiona does, however; put Ursula into a rather odd situation as co-partner of a new television show called “Hunting Hantu”. “Ghost Hunters.” Her anchor in this endeavor is a much-sought after male model named Shariff Kadir. Once she meets him, she knows why everyone wants him – she does, too!

I believe this short novel is the beginning of something great and hope I get to review the rest of the stories as well. This is a great afternoon’s pleasure – enjoy!

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