EDEN: A Zombie Novel

Imagine a world where you lived in a gated community. It was you and your closest friends and neighbors. Sounds nice…so what is the catch? The catch is that you can not venture outside of the walls. For what lies beyond the walls are the remains of another world, where other friends and family may have once resided but they have all turned into zombies. Welcome to Eden.

While, I don’t really judge a book by its cover, I admit that the cover for this book was a bit corny and so, I thought the story would be as well. Nope, the story was better than I expected it to be. While, there were some flaws, I did find myself drawn to the main character Harris. He was just a normal guy, trying to survive. He was smart and had a good personality. Some of the other characters I did find uninteresting and this did take away from the story.

On that note, there was a lot of jumping around between the time lines of past and present and many different characters coming at me that in beginning I was confused. The transfer involving the past and the present was not smooth at all. I do have to give props that there is plenty of action. Right away from page one, the reader finds Harris and his wife, Julie fighting for their lives as their home is invaded by flesh-eating, brain-sucking zombies. This book had elements of Dawn of the Dead. So if you are a zombie fan, you will enjoy this book.


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