Eyes of the Innocent

Investigative reporter, Carter Ross is back. Carter writes for the Newark Eagle –Examiner. Carter’s boss wants Carter to write about the dangers of space heaters, after a house fire that killed two young boys. Carter is being paired with the newest intern, Lauren McMillan aka Sweet Thang.

Akilah Harris is the boys’ mother. At first glance she seems like a devastated mother but there is more to Akilah than meets the eye. Carter would have brushed Akilah off but when councilman, Windy Byers goes missing, Carter’s investigative instincts kick in.

It is not often that when I read a book I am in agreement with the press on their praises about an author or book. In this case they have it right. When I first read Faces of the Gone, I knew Mr. Parks was someone to be watching. It is easy to see why Carter is considered the best in the business. He is tough as nails and has a cynical way about him that I like. Of course living in Newark, I would expect nothing less. Carter and Sweet Thang actually made a good pair. They meshed well together. It is amazing what Carter will do to get a story. I found all the characters intriguing. The story line was fast paced. Eyes of the Innocent will blow you away! This book will have you falling in love with mystery/suspense thrillers all over again.


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