Check out Inkheart!

Ok, so my husband and I found a movie on last night as we were flipping through channels a really cool movie called Inkheart. It stars, Brendan Fraser, Andy Serkis, Paul Bettany, and Helen Mirren to name a few. I had never heard of the books but the idea that someone has the special ability to read a book and have the characters come alive from the pages of the book is very intriguing. I will have to check out the books.

Here is the cover of the orginal book and the summary

Inkheart (original title: Tintenherz) is a young adult-child fantasy novel by Cornelia Funke, and the first book of the Inkworld trilogy.

Inkheart follows the adventures of a 12-year-old girl named Meggie Folchart whose life changes dramatically when she discovers that her father, a bookbinder named Mortimer (Mo), has an unusual ability; when he reads aloud, he can bring characters and items from books into the real world. When Meggie was three years old, Mo read a book called Inkheart aloud to her mother. In an instant, Meggie's mother (and two cats) to vanished into the world of Inkheart and three men from the novel (two of whom are murderous villains) entered into the real world. Nine years later, these men have come back into their lives and Meggie's and Mo's lives will never be the same. The sequel, Inkspell, was released on October 1, 2005, and the third book in the trilogy, Inkdeath was released on September 28, 2007 in Germany, Canada,and USA.


Anonymous said…
The Inktrilogy is one of my VERY favorite series. Highly recommended to pretty much anyone. The series just gets better and better... Really truly amazing and original!
Cheryl said…
Thanks Yearningtoread. I will have to check this series out.

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