Anyone Can Die

God's Warriors Megan Nolan in Paris, pre-9/11.

Till Death Us Do Part Pat and Lorrie on their honeymoon in New Mexico.

My review

I became a fan of Mr. LePore’s when I first read his debut novel, A World I Never Made. I grew close to Pat, Megan and the rest of the characters in the book. Mr. Lepore explains in the beginning of this short booklet that when he had more to tell about his characters that he felt readers should know about. Anyone Can Die is Mr. Lepore’s chance to finally close the book on his characters in A World I Never Made.

In Till Death Do Us Part, Pat Nolan and his wife, Lorrie are on their honey moon in New Mexico. While out sightseeing, Pat and Lorrie stop to take a rest. As Pat and Lorrie are moving on, they pass a group of men. The men call out to Lorrie. Can Pat find the strength to walk on past?

Before Megan Nolan made a major decision that would lead her father, Pat to travel halfway across the world, readers learn what shaped Megan’s path in God’s Warrior. Megan is traveling through Europe. Megan witness’s a horrible crime that in that spilt moment cements Megan’s future.

Finally in Max
Max French needs a little rest and relaxation. He has been traveling non stop from Prague to Newark to Auburn. After meeting Megan Nolan, it stirs up old, bad memories for Max. Though, the memories may be bad, they are ones that helped shaped Max to who he has become.

While I enjoyed A World I Never Made, I did not feel any more or any less about the book and the characters are after reading this short snippet. Though, I did like learning more about what events shaped Pat, Megan and Max. I never really questioned it before, while reading A World I Never Made. The story I enjoyed the most was Megan’s. With Megan’s story, I got to really see the world through Megan’s eyes. If you have not read A World I Never Made than you have to check it out.

Max Max French: the beginning.


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