Dreams of a Dark Warrior is Reginleit story. The first time Reginleit, the Radiant One met Aiden, the Fierce; she was just twelve years old. Regin may have been just a small thing but don’t under estimate her as Aiden almost made the mistake of. Regin comes to Aiden to ask for his assistance. She left her home in the skies to find her sister, Lucia. Aiden promises Regin that he will help her find her sister, only because they are meant to be together. One day she will become his wife.

Years later, now that Lucia is safe and Regin is grown, she returns to her fierce warrior, Aiden. After making love, Aiden dies and returns reincarnated. This happens numerous times with Aiden returning as someone else. Regin must fin a way to get Aiden to remember his past; so that they both can have the happy ending they always wanted.

Dreams of a Dark Warrior is book nine in the Immortals After Dark series. I have read maybe only one other book in this series. Though from what I understand from reading some of the other readers’ reviews Regin and Aiden have made appearances in prior novel(s). I did not feel that I missed anything but not having read the prior books. This book read as a stand alone novel. From the very beginning, I could tell that Aiden and Regin were meant for each other. They balanced one another out very nicely. Regin is a spit fire and Aiden is hot tempered as well. Though, when it comes to Regin, Aiden would do anything for her, even die for her. I plan to check out all the prior books that I missed. Dreams of a Dark Warrior has me dreaming of more.


Lilith said…
I also have a review on my blog but mine contains a lot of spoilers so those who have not read the book should think twice before reading it.

I must say that compared to the other books in the series, I did not like this one as much.

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