Secondary Targets

Review by Nancy (my good friend)

Grace Hendricks lost her father. Eleven years ago. Now she's lost his grave as well. Oh, the spot in Raleigh National Cemetary is still there, but it has someone else's name on the headstone. She goes to find the only person who might be able to give her answers, Lt. Col. Eric Wayne. He retired yesterday. Not only that, but he father's military records are wrong. He didn't fight in any of the battles she knew he had, he wasn't the post Commander but they did have one part right - he did commit suicide.

Finding Eric in a bar was the last thing Eric wanted to happen. They had been engaged those eleven years ago and, when her father died, she left "to get hold of herself" and never came back. Until now. She explains what has happened and Eric disbelieves her instantly. He lost his trust in her a long time ago. When she drags him to the cemetery, he can't believe what he's seeing and is determined to see the mystery through. Maybe then Grace will re-disappear and he can get on with his retirement.

Through many twists and turns and friends becoming enemies, Eric and Grace persistently trace her father's past. What there is of it. They enlist Eric's best friend, Marcus, in their research and his ex-wife, Cherilyn seems to be the one who really may be able to explain it all. Or get them all killed.

Sandra Edwards has again done an excellent job of creating a page-turner. Eric and Grace tip-toe around each other like cat and mouse. Marcus is still so in love with Cherilyn he can't see past it and Grace's father's past unravels at accelerated speed. A perfect book for a rainy day.


Secondary Targets is a great book. I loved it. I really liked Eric and Grace and rooted for them the whole way through. The ending blew me away. I didn't see it coming.

Carolyn/Cara Marsi

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