187 Pain and Bliss

Axle Hunter was just ten years old when he lost his mother in a plant crash. Axle’s mother had won a trip. Together she and Axle was flying when their plane crashed in the middle of the ocean in Thailand. Axle was the only survivor. Axle travels many miles and comes upon an encampment. There he is met by Choy and Ling. Two of Chang So’Ming’s employees. Chang runs an opium farm.

When Change meets Axle he feels sorry for him and adopts him as his son. Axle has grown up into a man and great fighter. Axle’s hero is Rocky Balboa. Axle has a beautiful wife, May and son. Things are going well for Axle until a tragedy strikes and turns Axle’s world upside down. Axle calls on the help of Kane Silver. There is going to be some major butt kicking happening!

187 Pain and Bliss is the second Kane Silver novel from author, Wade J. Halverson. I have to tell you that I was instantly hooked from the first moment I started reading this book. This took me a bit by surprise, though it shouldn’t have surprised me as I read Life After 187 and really liked it. Mr. Halverson is a very prolific writer. He knows just how to bring life to the characters and the story. There is plenty of action to be found within the pages of this book. I could see a lot of Rocky in Axle. Both Rocky and Axle had the heart of champions. It was nice to see Kane and all the other guys from the prior book.

I don’t usually read the excerpts of authors next books, which are usually found at the back of the book but I couldn’t resist trying the excerpt for the next book and I have to tell you it is going to be good. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. My last words to the reader is…you will be in Pain if you don’t check out the Kane Silver novels as you don’t know what you are missing but on the other hand if you do pick up a copy then you will be in Bliss over how great 187 Pain and Bliss is!


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