Backstage Pass

Myrna Evans was attending a conference. She is a college professor. Her specialty is Human Sexuality. To her surprise the rock group the Sinners are staying at the same hotel as Myrna. Myrna is a big time fan of the Sinners. Myrna knows all the Sinner’s nicknames and what instruments they play.

Myrna feels an instant connection with Brian, the lead singer of the Sinners. It isn’t long before Myrna and Brian are making some rock and roll of their own in the bedroom. Though, how will Myrna react when the Sinners head off to the next city?

Backstage Pass is book one in the Sinners on Tour series. This book is smoking. I am a fan of erotic novels and have read many. Though, I can tell you that I was getting a little bored of the same old stories until I read this book. Ms. Cunning has revived my drive for erotic novels.

Who knew Myrna had such a wild side. It just goes to show you that looks can be deceiving. I like that even though Brian is a big time rock star, he was a nice guy. Myrna and Brian were a perfect match. You would have thought that they had been an item forever.

If you want a backstage pass to paradise then you have to treat yourself to a copy of Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning. I can’t wait to read the next Sinners novel, Rock Hard.


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